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Ultimate Lyrics

Amarok 2.x Scripts by berkowitz 138 comments

I have an important feature request to make! I believe it wouldn't be much work. I hope you're still on the Project, Vladimir.

My request is: Add the ability to store the displayed lyrics to a plain text file into the music file's folder, with the same name as the music file as well. This is the most simple and compatible way to store lyrics in my opinion. I can even view the lyrics on my cheap 2005 mobile this way. Plus this way the lyrics get saved to the music folder, which is what I want when I'm up for sharing the music.

This would be so great! No other lyrics plugin I know of does this. Thank you so much in advance!

- May 19 2011
Simple and Soft

Cursors by matis 14 comments

Ok, extracting it to ~/.icons did the job - Feb 03 2009
Simple and Soft

Cursors by matis 14 comments

can you pack this up into a format that's recognized by KDE cursor theme control center? It works with other cursor themes on this site, so this just has to be themed up by someone - Feb 03 2009