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Murrine GTK+ Cairo Engine

GTK2 Themes by cimi86 370 comments

thanks for this theme, i love it!

i made a deb for ubuntu edgy eft 6.10, get it here:

soc - Sep 30 2006

Icon Sub-Sets by wedderburn 23 comments

i love it!!!
the only thing which is imho sub-optimal is the lock-screen picture which doesn't fit within the shutdown dialog, because everything elseis a blue/black symbol, but this is a screen + a yellow lock ... ugly .. :-) - May 26 2006

Icon Sub-Sets by bmzf 56 comments

i really like your work, do you consider providing a grey version of the current 0.7.1, too??
thanks - Apr 01 2006
Gentle Gnome mockup

Various Gnome Stuff by Gentleman 187 comments

best mockup ever seen! - Mar 17 2006
Etiquette Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by AndyFitz 49 comments

one of the best icons ever!
btw ... could you sent me the wallpaper too? :-D (soeren149 _AT_ - Mar 11 2006

Metacity Themes by soc 8 comments

do you mean a blue one? - Jan 03 2006

Metacity Themes by soc 8 comments

thanks! i found the problem, just some typos :-)
i reuploaded it. - Dec 29 2005