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Sep 12 2009
I'm glad you guys are using/liking this widget! I hope it continues to be useful, and all of the comments on this thread are great ideas which would be great to implement.

Unfortunately I honestly don't have time to continue developing this widget at the moment. If anyone wants to pick up where I left off: go for it! That's what open source is all about.

Best of luck! - Jan 11 2010
Thanks for the suggestion! I'm not sure if I'll be able to do that because, primarily, I think it will not be easy, but also because there is nothing to hover over to make it appear. If I make it the top of the web page, then you lose navigation on the top of the web page.

Also, this is meant primarily to be a specific web page, so the url should only need to be set rarely. There is already a web browser plasmoid shipped with kde 4.3 that has a url bar, navigation buttons, and bookmarks. - Sep 14 2009
Yes, I've tested it on KDE 4.3 - Sep 14 2009