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Ivan Ganev

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Sep 20 2012
well, If you figure out a method which applies transparency from KDE's API I could apply it to the source copy of plasmacon which I have :) - Aug 24 2009
Btw, when I boost the brightness and contrast on this screenshot you can easily notice a "No Text" label underneath the kosole part :) wtf? - Aug 24 2009
Any fresh suggestions? :) I could patch the source myself if you could hint me with an api solution. - Aug 24 2009
KDE 4.3.00 with desktop effects enabled. - Aug 21 2009
Oxygen. I tried to reaply it or etc. it didn't made any effect. - Aug 21 2009
take a look - Aug 21 2009
well, couldn't it at least use a container like the folder view. On my desktop, the folder view is like 90% transparent, but my plasmacon is like a black spot over the wallpaper :D It would be really cool to have it transparent :P - Aug 21 2009
Any ideas how to enable plasmacon to be semi-transparent like all other desktop widgets, when desktop effects are enabled. I use openSUSE 11.1 and had successfully installed plasmacon after installing some python packages (including their -devel versions). I've always wanted to have such widget, and now the only thing that is bugging me is the transparency, because this widget takes a lot of space on my desktop. Btw, the current profile on this embeded Konsole has 30% transparency, which is reset somehow somewhere in plasmacon, because non of the widget elements is transparent. - Aug 12 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions
by iduhasti

Score 74.4%
Aug 24 2009