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Efthymios Hadjimichael , Cyprus
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Cursors by sour 39 comments

PS: All cursors are icon themes, that should be as is. - Jun 13 2008
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Cursors by sour 39 comments

Right, always try to install cursors like I stated above, but ofcourse, like everything in Linux(and life ;P) there is another way.

Press alt + f2 and type this in:
nautilus ~/.icons

This just opens the hidden folder ".icons" in your home folder.
Another way is to go by Places -> Home Folder, and then press Ctrl+H, to show the hidden files, and double click .icons.

Extract the .tar.gz file, and move the folder with its contents inside .icons

Go to System -> Preferences Appearance, choose Customize.. Move to tab "Pointer" and select it.
Notice that there is no icon.
You might need to restart firefox for it to work on firefox before logging out (and skype, for that matter)

- Jun 13 2008
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Cursors by sour 39 comments

"ubuntico" Let me guess ;p (didn't see it before)
Install it by System -> Preferences Appearance.
Drag & Drop the .tar.gz in the first tab, where you can see all the themes.
Click Apply new theme. - Jun 13 2008
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Cursors by sour 39 comments

Hand cursor wasn't pretty. And no it didn't transform to a hand, it just changed to a hand, if by continuous you mean that.
Source is the zip file, I uploaded the ubuntu animation, the rest is in comments, thanks for pointing this out. - Jun 13 2008
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Cursors by sour 39 comments

extract the zip and then install the theme (.tar.gz) from the themes window. Can't help you more if you don't specify your distro. - Jun 13 2008
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Cursors by jmariani 20 comments

I don't know about you guys, but i'm on Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon and the "busy" animation is way offset, i've fixed the script, but changed the animation anyway because it was causing problems with animations benieth it (the square size is 90x90, though transparent it's huge, so any fading windows cause gfx glitches)
Thing is, i don't have anywhere to upload this :S
+I edited the files to add blue and red versions.. - Jan 11 2008

Icon Sub-Sets by Mandarancid 14 comments

This is wonderful, keep the good work up, i'd like to see a complete GDM icon theme of these icons.. Awesome work, just awesome.. - Jan 11 2008

Icon Sub-Sets by djaany 156 comments

same here man, i don't know what's wrong.
I'm on Gutsy Gibbon 64bit. - Jan 01 2008