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Seth Davenport
Elmo III Theme 0.6

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by Markus 14 comments

I am getting so tired of all the excessively 3D themes out there (especially keramik). Finally, an elegant, flat style the likes of which I have not seen since gonx for kde 2.2.

Buttons are still a bit too 3d-ish to fit with the rest of the theme, but definitely a HUGE step in a very good direction.

Kudos - Mar 04 2003
GNU Weu Wei

Wallpaper Other by telex 15 comments

Looks more like a recorder to me... - Aug 06 2002

Ice-WM Themes by Gulliver 9 comments

Also, the comment above about GONX being proted to kde3.0 makes me happy indeed. - Jun 18 2002

KDE 2 Themes by zakariya 20 comments

This is a great theme! it is very elegant and easy to work with. I can't get it to work with kde 3 though... any chance of a port? - Jun 01 2002