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Paolo Spada , Italy
Over the clouds

Wallpaper Other by spaolo 2 comments

Hi! Thank you for your comment!
You're right, indeed i took this photo at sunrise... it was really wonderful! =) - Aug 13 2007

Wallpaper Other by sylvoo 5 comments

It's a very nice work! =)
conrgatulations - Aug 13 2007
sunset sky

Wallpaper Other by spaolo 2 comments

Thanks, i appreciate it.
I took this photo 'cause i liked the sky's colors and the contrast against the black of the mountains.

Though I think there are tons of wallpapers and photos in general that are much better than mine.
That's maybe the reason for the low-rating =) - Aug 07 2007
Green needles

Wallpaper Other by spaolo 3 comments

Thank you for your comment =)
I'm pleased you like it. - Aug 04 2007
Sunrise in Caorle

Wallpaper Other by sarapiazza 2 comments

Very nice shot! =) - Aug 03 2007
Golden Leaf

Nature by star-rider 1 comment

It's too small for my desktop, but it is a very nice shot =) - Jul 31 2007