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Michel G Montréal, Canada

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Let see!

I occupy this web site since 2006! - Nov 18 2011

Cliparts by sparkledesign 5 comments

This artwork was political at the begening but the final version is more iconoclast! You always occupy a web site when you put something on it!

By the way, to Montreal they are relatively ck! I don't agree with a lot of thing about the ''Angry birds'' but i am on their side! - Nov 17 2011
After rain

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Maybe to much dots in the left black part of the don't need it, the rest of the picture talk about it. - Jul 28 2009
Lady of thorns

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I give you my vote for this!
- Jul 20 2009

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Me i am neutral when i do something and i want to be the first one to put it in garbage if it is not ok. Like that i put only the best of the best that i can do on one artwork. Sure i still can do mistakes but less.It let place to the others and the pictures can stay visible longer time without to be push at the page 5 in few hours.

Your effect is interesting but you or somebody else have to complete it with a well done strange face. It can be a woman or a monster or anything else. - Jul 15 2009
cat's eyes

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I put my artworks on these web sites to pay for the freewares i downloaded so after if you do something interesting with it, just show it to the others but write the link of this page or my web site for your sources.

- Jul 15 2009
Cat's eyes

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Everybody say that this animal is an exceptional beauty and it is why i wanted to share it with the others.

But the thing that you don't know is the price that i have to pay to have it with me! Her voice! Ouch! - Jul 07 2009
Windows 7 Alternative Default Wallpaper

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Ha! Ha! Ha! Ho! Ho! - Apr 27 2009

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Very good photograph! - Jul 31 2008

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Don't flatten image...just save it like that or merge layer.

To put a layer on an other one, you load the second image, select it and copy, paste it on the first one.

That whats hapen when you can't change a post!

- Dec 04 2007

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I will not let you go like that!

Banshee is a good software so if you still want to change the logo, this is my mini tutorial.

Well, if it is you who did your ''Camaleon'', it will not suppose to be hard!

First, you have to find a ''Banshee'' logo in .png format somewhere on this planet.

Second, to load the ''Ubuntux'' with ''Gimp''...use the eraser to remove the logo...maybe the move, brush and scale tool to.

Third, you load your logo over so you will have 2 layers.

After, under the tab ''picture'' at the buttom, you do ''Flatten image''...and save in .png format with the transparency preserve...ta-tammm!

Spakledesign - Dec 04 2007

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A good work of design (functional art) or art (for me, it is a spiritual adventure) is a fragile balance of forms and colors. If you change one thing, everything can collapse.

If i change the logo ''Ubuntu'', the concept (joke) Ubuntu-Tux,Ubuntu-Africa, Africa-Cannibal, Cannibal-bone (os in French), Cannibal eat the other-Competition, have no value!

Like i said on the previous post, i did this tux only because it flash me to hard after i have seen ''The Tux factory'' of

I am a big ''downloader'' and it is my way to pay for all the downloads i do.

It is a simple question of to let run the energie.

I did this design (final) and some others only to exchange something or for money (for my jobs)
and i do art for to understand how work the human mind and what i am doing on earth!

If you did something nice, i probably have it!

- Dec 04 2007

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For the smile it is exactly the opposite
i wanted to put!!!

If somebody tell me how to change or delete a post, i will do it!

The mistakes exist for to learn! - Nov 14 2007

Cliparts by sparkledesign 13 comments

Maybe it is useful to say that i did this
''Tux'' only because the pun was to clear!

I don't have a lot of this kind of design
on my web site except the cv page for the
tutorials i did for my brights students of
sec 1 to 5, i had for 2 years.

The web site is experimental art with fractals, surrealism and philosophy!

I say that because the traffic increase and i only want peoples that they know what they will see.

Sparkledesign - Nov 14 2007
Ubuntu Woman-3

Wallpapers Ubuntu by lid 3 comments

I thing that a resolution is not a valid factor to depreciate an art wallpaper.40%??? The acceptable range of this site start to 800x600. A clean picture that start to these sises is ok.

Sorry for the ones who like imax monitors, you have a lot of others. But to ask if the artist have bigger is ok.

I give you over 70! - Dec 02 2006