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Geofrey Burgos Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Proprietary Software

GDM Themes by manueljordison 8 comments

The idea of doing a gdm that looks like windows isnt a bad idea, it aint new either. There's where some distros have grown, kinda like linux xp dsktop.

For the Linux fans migrating things that look like windows to Linux aint a good idea, BUT for the newbies that is a great idea because its less scary for them.

I give credit to him after all it looks like a good job. - Oct 15 2008

GDM Themes by spector00 5 comments

Ok thats understandable. What would you suggest for a change? Would it be better if the background instead of being solid grean to be jungle like only blured out? similar to the login window.

Let me know, i like new ideas. - Oct 10 2008