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Sal Okinp
Kde Migration Manager

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by comtux 12 comments

Thumbs up for this. Something like this would help a lot users that want to move to linux. I suppose a lot of work needs to be done to achieve this, but hey its worth it. My only concern about such a migration scheme is that usually it is not the os only that seems alien to users, but software itself. So, if someone who is not very comp. literate wanted to move to a kde based os, he/she would find trouble with office etc software as well. For such a scheme to be complete and very useful, Office packages should be included. i.e a migration scheme from MS Office to Koffice or Open Office as well or (Win)Fax software etc. - Jun 19 2006

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by UbuntuMez 116 comments

I installed kubuntu recently, and accidentally at some point I pressed the alt-space combo. Katapult launcher faded in, and I wouldn't know what the f**k it was. I tried mouse action etc, but nothing happened. Then I pressed a letter on the keyboard. Pressing A, it displays Ark then pressing M it displays Amarok (A followed by M).
This is the coolest app ever. you can launch apps with very few keystrokes.
From what I understand, it looks on your K menu. It gets even better though. You also have access to your bookmarks, you can play mp3s (it connects to the amarok's db) very easily. So, if i want to play Dylan's Hurricane, (and amarok is open on the tray lets say) i just press ALT-SPACE and type hurr. imediately Katapult shows the song title and Album cover and by pressing ENTER i listen to it.

Someone was wondering why he can't launch firefox. If i type firefox, a firefox folder comes up. I need to type f w b (since firefox shows up as Firefox Web Browser) to launch it. Otherwise, I could just rename the firefox launcher on k menu to something else and use that instead.

This seems to me, somehow similar to the T4 word completion technology in mobile phones.

I just love using katapult!
- Feb 14 2006