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Jan 06 2008
Cool, thx for the work. Also my Favorite theme. - Jul 28 2006
Murrine GTK+ Cairo Engine

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Sep 22 2010

I hava a question towards youre screenshot: What kind of system monitor is on you top left panel? Looks very fancy and usefull.

BTW: A very nice gtk-theme. Clearlooks looks very old compared to this. :D

Regards - Jul 25 2006
wet boatwindow

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Jun 10 2005

thank you for youre answere and you post.

I really expected the reaction would take a bit longer.

Simon - Jun 18 2006

I would like to know if you have still a version without the "Gnome Desktop Environment" written in it.

A nice picture, but I would still fancy it without text. :)

Regards - Jun 10 2006
wet boatwindow | no text

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Jun 18 2006

thx for this post after I requested it a few days ago.

I like the picture because it looks so clean with the water drops on the glass.

Regards - Jun 18 2006
Sun Tanned Tux

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by SS2
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May 09 2006
Thx, I thought that somebody would say that it looks like a monkey. ;)

But look at the original, you maybe say that it looks even like a blue wale with long arms and a yellow beak with the same coloured feet.

Simon - May 10 2006