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Steve Szmidt , United States of America
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Graphic Apps by reynaga 26 comments

That they removed your admin rights should tell you something. Charging for code makes it not compliant with GPL, very obvious to most. Source MUST be available or it is not in compliance.

Ask for volunteer donation and you can get on with it.

Make a 2nd license which comes with training, support or whatever and sell that version. - Sep 26 2006

System Software by MxCl 125 comments

Very nice, very handy!!

Just one minor thing, for some reason you have stuck an 'i' in GB, making it GiB which is not needed. - Aug 19 2006

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by lavacano201014 4 comments

I'm sure it is your program. That does not however, make it a license.
A license is a set of rules that describes how you can use something.
You could say it's an agreement on how you can use it.
Examples of licenses are the GPL and the Creative Commons License. - Jul 19 2006

Video Apps by Elentirmo74 9 comments

It would be handy to support a few more card. Mine is a BT878 and does not work with the 848 driver.

I do have tvtime and it's driver but I have no idea if it's even vaguely compatible. - Apr 09 2006
Linux Winter w 2 Penguins

Wallpaper Other by sszmidt 7 comments

You're welcome! I thought it was a nice idea that you had. By the look of the votes I think I capture a number of votes from romantics! : ) - Dec 29 2005
Linux Winter w 2 Penguins

Wallpaper Other by sszmidt 7 comments

It's not intended to be exciting.

It's a pic from the back of my house, which is simply a relaxing scene to sit and take in some sun from. I found I liked it as my desktop and decided to share it with those who feel the same.

I will make the preview larger, which was a useful comment. - Dec 29 2005