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kenny smith
Kaffeine Player

Video Apps by juergenk 179 comments

I really like kaffeine (use it every day) and I think it's a stellar app.

I've never really liked the cofeebean logo all that much... now I see a newer logo that is a realistic coffee bean. The texture of hte bean makes it look like like... a waste product of sorts (no offense).

I made this logo, and I am going to apply it as my kaffeine default movie (that shows up after playing the movies)

enjoy if if you like, ignore it if you don't - Mar 25 2005
KDE Control Center Ideas

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by teddy 19 comments

Altough I don't find "looks old fashioned" to be a valid reason to cahnge soemthing that already works, I think this is a good idea, as I hate tree browsers for usability (the +/- thing, etc)

It would be cool if this was implemented in the KDE libraries as something that would easily ported from KTreelist.

I think it woul dneed more design decisions as well. What about multiple layers of trees? Maybe just stick to the tree paradigm for that...

I'm rambling. Good mock-up. It'd be nice to see implemented, but then again it doesn't come close to that OS X has. - Mar 22 2005
i-k Amarok icon

Various Artwork by dave 26 comments

I like this icon a lot, but it doesn't render to 16px that well, IMO. - Dec 14 2004
the green eye of amarok

Various Artwork by mart 13 comments

just to add -- This will render down to a 2 color shirt nicely. check out my interpretation here.

mmm sweet profits for the amarok team - Dec 10 2004
the green eye of amarok

Various Artwork by mart 13 comments

You completely have my vote here. - Dec 10 2004
Improving KDE

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by andrunko 313 comments

---NICE--- - Oct 13 2004

Utilities by joshuafr 11 comments

you might want to say it depends on python/pyqt though. - Aug 12 2004

Email by nascent 181 comments

darn thought i could get an invite!

sure send some HTML over my way


i'll see what I can do. - Aug 05 2004

Email by nascent 181 comments

flex parsers? you mean like regex scripts? I love doing 'em and would gladly make one for ya.... the only trouble is I don't have a gmail account to test it with ::winkwink:: - Aug 04 2004

System Software by rhoelzer 31 comments

Excellent job. kudos! - Jul 25 2004
Blue Silk (Fedora Core 3)

Wallpaper Other by xsos 8 comments

I like it. But.... IMHO... if you want this to be included in FC3 -- you might want that Fedora Core logo to be at 90 degree angles. - Jul 20 2004
Sidebar improvement

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by ra1n 26 comments

I like the idea for re-organization of taht sidebar, but not for removing the tabs alltogether. - Jul 15 2004

System Software by zrusin 8 comments

this is so amazingly cool. thanks! - Jul 15 2004
New iconview (mockup)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by mabs 9 comments

this looks like the "tile view" from Windows XP. Not that there's anything wrong with that. This is definitely more robust. - Jul 14 2004

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by ipv4 223 comments

wow -- in that video KDE / KoolDock was running blazingly fast. i'm a bit jealous

May I ask --

What hardware do you have on that machine?

and I see you're using Debian (wlalpaper), what version/fork of debian are you using? - May 22 2004

System Software by sarahb523 12 comments

Is there any way to make KDE's sysV-init editor work with gentoo rahter than creat a new tool?

although this tool is really nice. - Apr 10 2004

Wallpaper Other by jaymejunior 4 comments

I like this! I'm currently using 4 elements (not for long)

But could the Crystal K logo be made simpler? it doesn't seem to match up with the rest of the "icons" -- a little too detailed. - Mar 11 2004
spring is coming

Wallpaper Other by blank 1 comment

ooo I likes it! - Mar 05 2004
KControl draft

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by Frans 6 comments

but why at the top? every other KDE configuration dialog has buttons to the left. - Feb 24 2004
KXDocker with REAL transpancy

Various KDE Stuff by stefano 91 comments

it is in the kxdocker/src directory after you untar the source files. - Feb 24 2004
KXDocker with REAL transpancy

Various KDE Stuff by stefano 91 comments

This is simply incredible. Amazingly slick.

Keep up the good work! I really appriciate it

//standsolid// - Feb 23 2004
KControl draft

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by Frans 6 comments

Why would we make the control center application so dramatically different from how every other application in KDE looks? This would be an awesome looking replacement -- but why is the SVG background and arches needed?

Personally I wouldn't want to use this new Control center unless a majority of my KDE applications looked this way (and then I wouldn't use those KDE applications :).

I can see that it does it solve a usability problem by adding that kiconview to what would normally show a KDE system overview (which is basically useless anyway) / current configuration widget(right?) on the right side.

I would think that something similar to this, but met KDE's normal look / feel, would be a better replacement.

Just my US$0.02 -- Don't let my opinion stop you!
I will definitely follow this project (if anything materializes) with great intrest. - Feb 23 2004
Pacific Coast (December 2003)

Wallpaper Other by genedoc03 5 comments

heh. i live in california, and when i see pictures of the parthenon or the collesum, i want to move to europe :) - Feb 12 2004

System Sounds by klingsor 4 comments

these sound fantasic but....
20 seconds for a startup sound? It better start when I push "power" rather than when aRts decides to load :) - Feb 12 2004
An idea

Various Artwork by equinoxe 8 comments

I was thinking a little more like this

All I did was modify your SVG image a teensy bit. prolly needs some cleaning up as well :/

if you like, it it's 100% yours. if you don't then ignore me :)

//standsolid// - Feb 09 2004
An idea

Various Artwork by equinoxe 8 comments

i'd like to see this in one color. - Feb 03 2004

Various Games by standsolid 10 comments

I'm now figuring out how kdevelop's system needs me to tar up my code so that I can archive this release. It's basically a working SNES9x front-end as of now. not much more. Still, it is fun to see in action :)

The one cool thing about having it as a KDE application (that i've found), is that with KWin you can toggle fullscreen on/off. that's something you (I) couldn't do before with snes9x. nifty. - Feb 02 2004

Various Games by standsolid 10 comments

That would be fantastic!

All I really want is for fce-ultra to be able to scale it's surface like how Snes9X does.

If the author doesn't want to, that's also fine. It'd stil be nice :)

He doesn't seem to take feature requests. So if you could pass this along, it'd be great - Feb 01 2004

Various Games by standsolid 10 comments

Menu/toolbar won't be hard at all. it seems like the way i'm going to go. I can always disable it or ditch it later. (KDE's framework is excellent for this)

How do you want to "embed" the windows of the different emulators into your mainwindow?
I'm using qxembed.

Will this work for every emulator?
basically, yes. some emulators don't want to be resized by the WM (fce-ultra) and i've been thinking of ways to tricking them to resize on command. I was thinking of saving the gamestate, exiting, then starting w/ the game state, but have fce-ultra run maximized. It would also be a solution to changing keybindings w/o emu restart in mid game, etc. Like how snes9x windows syncs network games.

How are you going to manage the parameter-stuff?
command-line options? I'm going to make intuitive (yes, intuitive) dialogs using qt designer. I run the emulator w/ qProcess
Will you create dynamic dialogs which input-fields are read from the XML-file you mentioned?
I'm beginning to think now that I want each "plugin" to be a set of XML files (interface, setting, etc)

thanks for your comment :) - Jan 31 2004

Wallpaper Other by vicko 30 comments

the original poster is not saying not to have this wallpaper, but not to license it as GPL...because it's not completely the author's work to copyright (msn icon & tux w/ swatter). - Jan 31 2004

Emulation by pistooli 34 comments

I'm in the process of making one.

Think Snes9x's interface (menubar, game in window) -- but it will be completely universal. Use Visualboyadvance / fceultra / snes9x / mame / probably DOSEmu / whatever.
I long for the universal front end the way I want it (game-in-emulator-window) for KDE.


//standsolid// - Jan 30 2004
Kasbar - No title and transparent

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by nns6561 6 comments

That looks really cool. Is there any way to make KasBar a Kicker applet instead of an external panel? that would be a GREAT taskbar replacement. - Jan 26 2004
I like it, it's really nice to look at IMO.

I would really like your backgrounds to have less text on them as they do. I understand you wanting to put the full text from the scripture, but it's a little distracting as a normal day-to-day desktop. I think a simple title like "His Eye is on the Sparrow [Matthew 10:29-31]" (written in anything but that cursive font) would be fantastic.

It's not that I don't want to be exposed to the scripture, It's quite the opposite. But what if someone put a soliloquy of Shakespeare on their background? Or the Preamble to the U.S Constitution. It'd be just as annoying as full scripture.

Keep uo the good work. It's always nice to see how much you are improving and fun to read every "offended" kde-looker posting slader on these :) - Jan 26 2004
indian oil

Various Artwork by kwiat 8 comments

ok, that fedora guy is on crack...

I really like this design. it looks REALLY cool. simple and nice to look at. I doubt you'll get the win only because you aren't using a gear in some way :)

keep it up tho. I really like this and the "fuel' one. - Jan 24 2004
Sitting around the gear (Rendered & SVG)

Various Artwork by Yaba 22 comments

utterly fantastic. This is a great concept delivered quite well.

//me goes to rmdir kdeConfLogoEntry in shame - Jan 18 2004

Wallpaper Other by DevilBroz 2 comments

huh. The text kinda seems like engrish, but the paper looks coo - Dec 27 2003
hand and egg

Wallpaper Other by xtefen 2 comments

I don't know why... but I like it. - Dec 16 2003
Mac-Look with Alpha Sparkle Icons

KDE Plasma Screenshots by Malexx 4 comments

I like it.

what is that font you're using on your desktop? it is much desireable - Dec 16 2003
KDE Art Flow

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by rivello 6 comments

it'd be plenty fine with the button icons if they were using a nifty font there and was centered on the circle. then a new splash for standsolid. - Dec 16 2003
...I Know better than you (II)...

Wallpaper Other by tihkal 26 comments

Just when I thought it was going to drop off the front page...


Back on again! How amazing!

But you need to attach some KDE gears to that duck... to make it fit into my desktop more. - Dec 16 2003
White Acqua 3

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by WhitePanther5000 19 comments

This is REEEAL purdy. I remember seeing Milk after osX came out and only after seeing that Did I want os X ever so badly. This is a bang-up job -- I've alwyas wanted this for my KDE setup. - Dec 13 2003
Windows, Doing What They Do Best.

Wallpapers Windows by crab2004 3 comments

heh, anti-windows so cool. I like the bluescreen idea -- but the yellow on blue really doesn't do it for me. Also, the font doesn't really seem to fit, and perhaps it should say "Microsoft" rather than Windows? - Nov 24 2003
The Way that KDM should look

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by boskicinek 112 comments

heh. that "extension app" just hacks the login manager's EXE to change images. hardly a solution for theming :) - Nov 24 2003
The Way that KDM should look

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by boskicinek 112 comments

First of all, This is a great idea. I hadn't seen GDM (for gnome 2.0) until I started searching through fedora reviews. This has the potential to look VERY professional, Not necessarily eye-candy (like the screenshot url below)

Secondly, this is not at all like Windows XP. The only way this login is similar is the background image is very similar to "bliss" -- there are tons of these imitating backgrounds, y'all need to calm down.

Thirdly -- It might not be too difficult to modify KDM to display something like the screenshot below instead of a normal QDialog. The hard part would be making it compatible with GDM themes (drool).

This is definitely something the KDE devs should look into, I'll see if my coding skills are good enough to try and make something like the fedora login but don't expect any miracles

see the gdm screenshot here: - Nov 24 2003

Wallpaper Other by th.cherouny 1 comment

isn't it acctually KDE GNU/Linux?

anyways this looks nice.

(and I don't want you to add the GNU :) - Nov 06 2003

Gimp Splashes by rgfree 3 comments

I'm pretty sure that regimp3 needs gimp 1.3.x. I'm not positive on this one... but I did visit the webpage (that the author provided) and noticed the 1.3 requirements. hmmm... - Nov 01 2003

Icon Sub-Sets by m4t1t0 7 comments

these look like those little lego men, remember those? - Oct 24 2003

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by matteo 64 comments

A ture gentoo user would make an ebuild for everything they install ;p - Oct 19 2003
If Desktop could fall in love.

Various Stuff by somekool 4 comments

it's cool to see people making art out of things from thier everyday lives. fantastic :) - Jun 27 2003

Various Plasma 5 Improvements by dangvd 706 comments

on xinerama, the dock is in the middle (i.e between my two monitors....) pehaps a setting for the dock's location would be nice :) - Jun 16 2003