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Stanko __ , Yugoslavia
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Jul 23 2009
Nice work, I didn't use OSX theme cause it use many default gnome icons, and you made it just right ;)


I just have one bad comment, why is gnome-main-menu, distributor logo, etc UBUNTU logo :/ gnome is not just for ubuntu. Pls make it with gnome-foot, or something ;) I changed it to debian logo at my machine...

tnx again ;)
Stanko - May 25 2008
mary ann's elegant file icons

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Apr 23 2008
Really nice stuff, keep going!!!

Stanko - May 25 2008

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May 06 2008
You have requested (2211 KB).
Server unavailable due to hardware-problems. We are working on it

Mirror would be nice.

or just upload it to the gnome-look ;)

Stanko - May 11 2008
Join the Revolution

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Jan 08 2008
Cause it is very healthy thing (in theory)
cheers - Apr 21 2008
hehe I made a typo...

*I'm glad you like it ;) - Jan 09 2008
I'm you like it guys ;) - Jan 09 2008

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Mar 08 2008
Silly me :)

I just downloaded it ;) I will take a look later and if I make nay modifications, I'll let you now ;)

tnx again

Stanko - Mar 09 2008
Looks very cool ;)

but where I can download it?
on google code page I get message:

This project currently has no downloads.

Stanko - Mar 09 2008
Debian Dark - Pidgin Guification Theme

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Oct 14 2007
You need to install Guification plug-in for pidgin ;) then activate it and copy this theme to ~/.purple/guification/Themes

cheers ;)

Great theme ty ;) - Jan 29 2008
Glassy panel

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Jan 29 2008
Yes it is transparent, so color is from background. I made several screenshots with different backgrounds ;)

There is source image in the archive, so you can open it with GIMP and add one layer, and fill it with any color you like ;) of course you have to put it to the back ;)

I hope this helps you...

cheers! - Jan 29 2008
thank you very much! ;)

I'm glad you like it - Jan 07 2008

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Feb 22 2008
thank you very much :)

the thing is that I go trough the proxy, and that I have to wait 100+ minutes to download something, and then too is not guaranted I'll be able to download it ;)

ty again - Jan 10 2008
You uploaded it on RadipShare so what about people who don't have premium acount? Also that is not much in spirit of linux and open-source...

cheers ;) - Jan 09 2008

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by saki
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Dec 28 2008
first, your icons are great ;) excellent job, I use it on my desktop.

and could you pls upload again that nice wallpaper from your screenshot?

Stanko - Dec 04 2007