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Conky by helmuthdu 931 comments

I need to make a few of corrections:

- Insert override option. I use metacity and without this option conky disapear as all windows if I press "show desktop" button.

- Set no_buffers to yes for a really RAM usage.

- The most important ! In spanish is RED, not REDE :D jaja

Thank you a lot for this script ! - Jun 11 2009
My Desktop - Gentle Like

Gnome Screenshots by Stark0 2 comments

I don't use screenlets, I hate it xD. I use Inkscape to make my custom backgrounds ^^ - May 23 2009
ddragon's GTK blue - rounded

GTK2 Themes by ddragon 10 comments

I know, I rate the theme. I see it in screenshot and it is awful (for me), I think is a bad theme and you can't change my opinion :P

I'm really happy to make you laugh :D

Do whatever you want, I really do not matter that you do. ^^ - Oct 11 2008
ddragon's GTK blue - rounded

GTK2 Themes by ddragon 10 comments

I don't download your theme, I see screens and I decide don't download it and vote BAD in the poll. I can't comment all themes I don't like, is impossible, but I can vote with only one click. Fast and easy (thank you gnome-look !!).

Talk with the personal of Gnome-look for eliminate "BAD" option in a poll, but if it is, people can use it.
Is possible that other people likes your theme, obviously, and this people can vote "good". IS A POLL! You must accept that.

Do you think I cry if I drop down my theme if they are under 50% ?
Why shoud I cry?
I like my stuff and I think it's good.So if you, or most of people deside that it is BAD why shoud I share with you?

Yes, I think you are crying. If there are a lot of people that vote you BAD, you say that there are other people who likes your work, why you difficult the access? Why you don't share your work with these people ? I don't understand.

You can do whatever you want, but my opinion is that.

(sorry about my poor english)
- Oct 10 2008
ddragon's GTK blue - rounded

GTK2 Themes by ddragon 10 comments

You must respect all opinions.

This theme is horrible for me. You need to accept all opinions and no cry when someone criticizes your work. - Oct 10 2008
Jun 11 2009