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Resume Media V3.40 (Win/Lin)

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Sep 25 2015
I run vlc 2.0.5 on Win 7 Pro 64.

I can see the menu item 'Resume Media V2' and yes when i click on it, a window pops up and a check is placed next the menu item. But when i close and reopen VLC nothing happens - the last video starts from the beginning and the menu item is unchecked...

As for the popup window - I have yet to grasp it's usefulness and find it unintuitive and distracting from the main purpose of plugin.

Perfect world scenario - VLC anno 2114 : I enable resume functionality ONCE. And from then on whenever i open a single file which i have not finished watching - it starts at (just before) the point where it was stopped but when i open a playlist file it jumps to (just before) the stop location of the last file that was played.

so the question remains: are my vision and the extensions functionality the same? If yes i will focus on fixing whatever is broken. Otherwise i will keep looking - Oct 17 2014
Also, your instructions say:

Go to Tools > Preferences > Interface > Playlist and check the boxes allowing only a single instance of VLC.

But "Allow only one instance" is in Instances section of Tools > Preferences > Interface.

What is significance of setting this option? - Oct 17 2014
I installed the pluging but can't make it work? I wonder is it because something is wrong or is because i expect something that it is not built to do?!
What i expect is an option to automatically store last postion of all (or last XXX) files that were played and stopped before completion. So when that file is opened again, it automatically resumes playback at the last known position. I expect setting that option once and for all.

Did i understand the purpose of this plugin or did i get it wrong?

- Oct 17 2014
When i come back to an audio book or a movie i'd lile to start at least 5-10-15 seconds earlier than the actual stop position. Often because i need to get my bearing and remember what was going on or just because i stopped mid sentence. It would be great if there was a way to set a default start offset. - Oct 09 2014
Score 80.2%
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