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by sefur
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Aug 16 2004
Ill Be First To Say, WOW This Is A Way Nice Theme - Aug 16 2004
Text Karamba *WORKING*White(BG)Black(FG)

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Aug 11 2004
Well personally I Use Fluxbox Not Kde So Desk top Icons Are A Thing U Have To Work For...Idesk,Rox Filer, Ect... I Just Made This So It Was Fast Simple And Easy Just How I Like Things...I Also Made It Becasue Someone Else Had Posted A Text Launcher Theme But Never Added It So.....

Old Post - Aug 10 2004
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Aug 10 2004
Ok Done Just Download The New Version And When U Click A Aterm Will Open :) - Aug 10 2004
Agreed But Its Way Easy Just To Open A Theme And U Can Move It Anywhere Faster Than U Can Redesign Your Wallpaper - Aug 09 2004
Text Karmaba

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Jul 25 2003
Man U Should Hook Us Up With The Theme...I Might Resort To Writing My Own...Great Idea...Fast And Clean Is The Way To Go..... - Aug 09 2004