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Stavros Pavlidis Tetovo, Macedonia
Gnome Shell Themes

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Aug 01 2015
Thanks a lot, I appreciate you're liking it. :)

I'm using most of the time the dark GTK theme so I tried to create a more unified look and feel across the whole OS; did it mostly for personal use but later decided sharing it, why not? :)

I'm not using every aspect of the OS, so whatever all of you that use it might find that has been left unstyled or mismatching the rest, feel free to let me know, would also like to complete everything. - Jun 14 2015
Thanks! :)

About the font and gnome-shell.css, it still exists, but it's not a standalone CSS file like before, all the theme resources on 3.16 are compiled within the .gresource file.

But if you like to create a custom theme, you can still use a customized gnome-shell.css which will overwrite the styles of the default .gresource. - Jun 13 2015
I appreciate the kind words, thanks! :) - Jun 07 2015