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Stefan Quandt Berlin, Germany
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Plasma 4 Extensions by micron 51 comments

Two years later and this widget is still not part of KDE. How disappointing.

Fortunately opensuse build service comes to my rescue as I just discovered that this plasmoid is available as software package on, so I don't have to build from source.
- Oct 22 2014
fast user switch

Plasma 4 Extensions by micron 51 comments

This is a great widget, but it took me some tinkering to find the correct packages required for building on openSUSE (in my case selecting packages cmake, libkde4-devel, libkdecore4-devel was sufficient to get all required packages).

This appplet is aimed at non-geeks but having to cope with tar, sh and cmake makes it a geek-only tool.
The INSTALL script is straightforward, but I guess normal users will not easily get the right development packages required for building.

This widget exists sinc more then two years now and its still not part of the KDE SC.
At least, it should be readily available via the plasma desktop "Get New Widgets"/"Get Hot New Stuff".
- Nov 24 2012

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9   Mar 29 2011
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Plasma 4 Extensions
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9   Jan 29 2011

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