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Stefan Maundrakke
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Cursors 23 comments

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Dec 15 2005
That's what I made them for, you're welcome! - Aug 19 2005
Hm, maye try to reload the page. - Feb 09 2005
done - Jan 30 2005
I added the xkill cursor, should work now. - Jan 29 2005
I´m going to fix this on sunday, thanks for this comment! - Jan 28 2005
Your welcome, it feels great to give something back to the linux community! - Jan 28 2005
You were right, I changed this. - Jan 27 2005
Hm, I think it looks good this way, would you prefer them with shadows? I found out that doing perfect drop shadows for these pointers is quite tricky, they have to have a bigger value for x than for the y-axis. (x=3, y=1, radius=3, looks best -> gimp2 drop shadow). - Jan 25 2005

Cursors 12 comments

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Sep 09 2005
You probably have an old version of this cursor-set, try the new one. - Apr 11 2005
Clearlooks MPlayer Skin

Various Gnome Stuff 6 comments

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Mar 12 2005
Thank you! The first mplayer skin to fit into the gnome look & feel completely. - Mar 12 2005
Gnomish SVG

Icon Sub-Sets 22 comments

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Mar 04 2005
Thank you - looks really good.
Tip: If you only copy the white ( or whatever) set to ~/.icons and not the main iconset with the mimetypes, you get just the white theme without mimetype icons at all, it's minimalistic and has a good look and feel. (Example: ) - Mar 06 2005
New Tatoo

Wallpaper Other 23 comments

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Jun 11 2004
This site offers also GTK-Themes, so I thought it would be no problem to post it here. Why shouldn't a KDE user like a wallpaper with a (tiny) gnome logo on it? - Jun 11 2004
No, I didn't take the picture myself, to what should I change the license? - Jun 11 2004
longhorn spirited away

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Jun 08 2004
The biggest size I have is 1152x864, would that be enough? The don't accept this size here, if you want, I can put it somwhere else. - Jun 08 2004