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Utilities 8 comments

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Feb 03 2005
Continuate cosi!
un saluto dal team di KXDocker - Dec 13 2004

System Software 4 comments

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Nov 15 2004
Can you do a port to my Dell D400?
many Thanks

Good work - Oct 13 2004
KXDocker GMail Plugin KMail

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 11 comments

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Oct 06 2005
1° how to install a kxdocker plugin:
- open configurator by cliccking with right mouse
- into object page choose the right icon for the plugin, like KMail icon
- into class field put:
- than press ENTER into the field
- save the configuration
- restart kxdocker

the iconset used for the screenshot:
- graphite-rade (from
- other icons from - Jun 27 2004
please wait, i'm writing in c++ the dcop commands, than it will check all...

thanks you to install the plugin - Jun 27 2004
KXDocker GAnimations Plugin

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 9 comments

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Jun 29 2005
I've made it myself ;)
it's in bundle with kxdocker_resource version 0.6 - Jun 11 2004
You can download png's from internet ;)
you can use any png like the screenshots, horizontal or vertical align. - Jun 11 2004

System Software 56 comments

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Apr 25 2005
I know.
I'm working to make 2 source pkg. - Feb 07 2004
I think you have to upgrade to KDE 3.2 - Feb 04 2004
- translations: any language :)
- ui are ok
- iconset: i will do.
- i'm checking slicker code to make a plugin
- i will search you in irc channel - Feb 04 2004
KTrayNetworker use kde 3.2 api :) - Feb 03 2004
0.5 will show real devices founds

now i'm wokring on 0.5, i will release it next week. - Jan 30 2004
server irc?
gmt time?
nick? - Jan 29 2004
didn't received it !!
tanks. - Jan 27 2004
0.4 support session resume,
wait 29 Gen or 30 Gen for release! - Jan 27 2004
KDE 3.2 - Jan 27 2004
i can get device information from /proc/net/dev

I will add more information on 0.5 release :)
ok for session counter - Jan 27 2004
Wasp iconset is in bundle.
you may find pngs in src directory
i will write right makefile to autoinstall default theme - Jan 27 2004
just done :)
i'm working on 0.4 version 0.3 is ready, i've end some themes...

-qt dialog, yes, i dunny which is the kde related :(
- you can simply run multiple instances

0.3 has some new features will help... - Jan 26 2004
What window is it?
when you start the ktraynetworker it's minimized to tray. to show the main window you have to click the icon, isn't it? - Jan 25 2004
You can try to install to a fake directory like $HOME/yourtest
you will find the binary into
now simply run it :)
(remember to copy the icons, see manuals pages) - Jan 25 2004

Karamba & Superkaramba 169 comments

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Jan 18 2004
1.0.23 snow version
tanks to bludy with
snowbar - Jan 19 2004
yes i got your patch and applied to 1.0.23 snow edition, did you try it?

1.0.24 is ready like 1.1 alfa 0...
QT + X11 are too slow and unstable with dinamic mask...
I'm waiting for X11 future :(

1.0.24 will be released as soon possibile, it use the faketop patch (will be available 1 week before like other) which copy the other window under the bar. it 's fastest but it's not fully stable... - Jan 19 2004
If you have python correctly installed you can find the time lib.
xcursor is in superkaramba sources-installation - Jan 13 2004
check out this screen shots
osxbar no slow down with superkaramba transparent patch...

do you like?

Transparent how to is here: - Jan 13 2004
check these values into osxbar.conf

You can simply disable the task manger sensor:
ArrowUpdate => -1
and disable the add on icons:
MaxTaskIcons => 0 - Jan 10 2004
find from the bsd port, my xcursor libs are only for linux...
i'm sorry for this...

Hope when i'll finish osxbar 1.1 you can simply compile it :) - Jan 10 2004
I'm working to make it transparent, i've done but it is too unstable.
In 2004 year i like to start working on osXBar 1.1 with full code rewrite in C++ with QT.
I hope to be must fast as possible... - Jan 10 2004
you can try to read the osXBar 1.0 manual on the website:

to modify the icons you have to open a konqueror window on the "object" folder and create, move edit the "application link" - Dec 26 2003
send the output to my email.
if anyone notice bugs on icons configuration may send the the output of find command. - Dec 21 2003
Try to run this cmd into osXBar path:
find objects -type f -iname "*.ilink"
the list of files is the order how it load configurations...
like that:
objects/01/01/mozilla.ilink - Dec 17 2003
1.0.23 is ready, i hope to release it as soon possible...
1.0.24 with "stable" patch i hope before next week, just before my birth date: 19801225 :)

Now i'm working hard to write workaround for sk and Qt::QPixmap ... now i can "only" put ontop the bar over other windows when you move the mouse... but if lower windows update it cannot be displayed at "real time", i hope kde 3.2 will help to avoid .... - Dec 14 2003

osXBar 1.0.24 will be ON TOP of other windows and will be TRANSPARENT!!!!
with my second patch it will be possibile
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Dec 12 2003
Yes, i had release the 1.0.22 and the sk 0.33 patch for 1.0.23.
I've done some speed improvements on osxbar 1.0.22 but they require on the sk patch.
I'm testing new version while "users" can upgrade superkaramba... the patch is necessary for any new versions of osxbar. - Dec 11 2003
You can send to my email the superkaramba output - Dec 11 2003
Send me the console output when you start osXBar 1.0 theme - Dec 03 2003
Did you try to run osXBar.configure script?

You can simply copy osXBar.conf.sample in osXBar.conf - Nov 29 2003
Ok, i'm working to add new sensor

Now I have the 1.0.21 with interrupt sensor, I hope to finish new sensor when i'll release it - Nov 29 2003
Can you send this output:
cat /proc/apm

I cannot use APM, there are old scripts on
/scripts in osXBar folder, did you try to run them?

I've just end the 1.0.20, when i have time to post it i hope apm will work :) - Nov 27 2003

Can anyone send me many backgrounds? - Nov 24 2003
I know about many (a tons) of bug for widget and icons when they arent the defaults (32-128 or other background)

When I will have much time to fix them i'll do, tanks, i've just added your info to my Todo list :)
I hope to fix this in 1.0.20

can you send the name of background which you are using? - Nov 24 2003
Can you send me the starting output where are showed the paths ?
Did you try to add your iconfolder into osXBar.conf?

I'm sorry for this!!! I hope we can solve this trouble... - Nov 24 2003
Check these lines on osXBar.conf

ArrowUpdate => 600
MaxTaskIcons => 0
EnableSensors => no

For icons remove and add as you prefer

addPathIcons => your icon folder

Link and DND apps into a folder is coming on 1.0.20 or 1.0.21, when interrupt sensors will be available the icons can be links or other types, like kde .desktop:)

about tgz ok ;) see you on 1.0.20 - Nov 23 2003
Are you sure? :(
Did you check the osXBar.theme and osXBar.conf

[I Think :)] This is the fastest engine

About unclear icons, can you send a screenshot or tell me the name of icons?

Remeber to setup superkaramba to Enable "Use fast image scaling"

I'm using a PIII 800Mhz with ati mobility - Nov 23 2003
Try to download the like prev comment - Nov 23 2003
Try to update to 1.0.19
and overwrite
with this one

If you have trouble with desktopSelector
try to configure manually the number of vdesktops in osXBar.conf - Nov 23 2003
I hope to write a wrapper with kdialog :) to ask to correct a few parameters like error in path and themes...

I have to write a downloader / upgrader / installer!!! - Nov 16 2003
on next release arrow themes can be changed with the icon ex:
noatun or xmms may have background with notes, web may have a net, icq may have message and so on...

The "arrow" may be moved o Y axis and resize to relative icon zoom but, CPU?
on the new engine "1.0" i can do this with a few code lines but i have to move too much object? what do you think? - Nov 16 2003
You can check the osXBar.conf to adjust your icons.

Since version 1.0.16 I've been done a icons package, remember to install it - Nov 15 2003
I know about this bug.
Please wait the 1.0.16b it will be released on 20031111 - Nov 11 2003