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Jun 20 2019
Note that Twitch API v3 is shutting down very soon. I think everything in this playlist parser will continue to work (if you have the latest version), but in case you notice something broken, please let me know. - Aug 21 2019
Hmm.. I don't think the nightlies are necessary anymore. Before 3.0 was released, there were a lot of differences. I should probably remove it from the description since it shouldn't be that relevant anymore.

What happens if you try using a lesser quality? That should rule out the internet speed from being a problem.

Sorry, wish I could help more. - Jun 26 2019
Interesting. I haven't really tried speeding up the video, but in my quick test right now, I am not encountering any issues...

Can you check if you are running the latest version of VLC? - Jun 26 2019
Not your fault.. I just uploaded a new version to fix it. I also added a stream for audio only. Thanks for reporting!

By the way.. is it just me, or are there ads on these stream now? I don't think there were any before.. :( - Jun 20 2019
You need to change to the playlist view and then pick the quality you want there. Alternatively, click the Next button to change to the next playlist item, which will be lower quality. - Feb 17 2019
The extension worked really well for me, and seeked within a few seconds of where the web player started playing. The only annoying part is that I have to activate it each time I start VLC. - Jun 20 2017
Good news! I got it to work by also making a VLC extension. The extension will be notified when you open an input, and if it's a URL with a timestamp, it will seek to that position for you. Compared to manual seeking it is very precise, almost as good as the web player.
So if you want to use this then you need both this playlist parser installed and the extension. Unfortunately you must activate the extension each time you start VLC (I have not found a workaround for this yet).

Get the extension here:

Let me know what you think. :-) - Jun 15 2017
It seems like it should be possible, by setting a playlist option called "start-time", but I just tried it and it doesn't seem to work. I think VLC doesn't remember it when it goes out to read the m3u8 playlist file. I can't get it to work, sorry.
If you try one of the recent nightlies for VLC 3.0, you can actually see the time remaining. Seeking is still not that great though. I tried version "vlc-3.0.0-20170426-0444-git" on Mac, and I could see the time there. The nightlies are a bit in flux, some versions work very badly while some work better. You might have to test around a bit. Go to to find a build.
Thanks for the comment! - Jun 13 2017
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