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Jan Adámek Brno, Czech Republic
Oxygen Icon Theme for KDE3

Full Icon Themes by Dapper 21 comments

You have to save it as ‘oxygen.tar’, ie. without the ‘.bz2’ extension. It should work then (for me it does and I have Hardy too). - Jun 18 2008
Free Disk Space Applet

System Software by hannibal331 33 comments

nice and useful applet, I really like it.
I’d love to find that it does support LVM drives, or at least it should allow user to add a drive manually. I use LVM because of one LUKS for multiple volumes and am confused that there is no way to find free space of these volumes in KDE.
And it would be nice if I can set the limits for each drive (I have two drives I like to monitor, but one has 64 MiB large and the other, currently unsuppoted because in LVM, has 58 GiB), and if the ‘progress bar’ can be hidden, because it takes too much place on bottom bar.
But on side bar it looks really nice.
P.S. If you need co-programmer, just ask :). - Jul 28 2006