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stephane LASSALVY
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Feb 11 2002
I think u right... I am not a KDE themer at all. Arronnax theme pleased me a lot and I thought I could make it better. Here is the result of my work.

I dont need any honor I think I am aware that I didn't make the main work. I ve just improved (in my opinion) the icewm part.
(like to use the gimp why not)

I am trying to add a WinXP METALLIC icewm skin why not ???? - Feb 10 2002
I ve made the icewm style with a PENTIUM 166, the transparent part of the corner pixmap can keep the color of the background. I would like to know if it is the case with a faster computer.
- Feb 05 2002
Yes, I think so, but even on winXP you can apply MacOS X theme now.

I find it funny to have winXP style without the price ...
- Feb 05 2002