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Stefano Rivoir , Italy
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Jul 03 2007
Weird. Can you send me your kalsamixrc? - Jul 04 2007
Sure, I'll add this in next round. - Jul 04 2007
Ok, explicit dependance on libkdeui has been removed in beta2.

Bye. - Jul 03 2007

About the vu-meter, I've found a method to do it, but I don't like it very much because it must use an external ALSA plugin (.so) and a asoundrc modification. Will study further.

About the little bug, fixed in beta2 (about to be released). - Jul 03 2007

kalsamix stores and loads volumes in its own configuration file, not in any ALSA-wide config file.

About the option, I've clarified it in beta 2, which is about to be released.

Bye. - Jul 03 2007 is part of KDE4, try to install kdelibs4-dev (what in I have in Debian), o the like for your distro.

Probably a mangled, will fix in 1.0.0.

Bye. - May 16 2007
Does KDE show a crash report? What version of ALSA are you running? - Apr 30 2007
The answer is... I don't know. ALSA documentation is very shallow and doesn't cover functionalities in depth. And no one I've asked to seem to know if/how that can be done... Maybe one day... :) - Apr 26 2007
Thanks! - Apr 26 2007
Pretty weird... probably Sourceforge-related. - Apr 24 2007
Add --disable-vumeter in configure - Apr 24 2007
No, sorry, it works fine for me... Choose "save as" instead of "open" when clicking on the link. - Apr 23 2007

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Apr 19 2007
Well, it doesn't support rearrangement of elements, not the renaming, nor the presets. In general, so far, kamix is a bit more configurable.

Plus kamix is directly based on ALSA, and not on KDE's mid-layer. They do are different.... - Mar 26 2007
Sorry, but I can't diagnose with that. Please, contact me via email...

Bye! - Nov 11 2005
Thanks! - Nov 11 2005
Have you installed the .deb directly? If so, you should rebuild from source, since that .deb is for sid/experimental (alsa 1.0.10rc). I'll have to rip that out from sourceforge... - Nov 10 2005
Uhm, #include <qcombobox.h>, I meant - Oct 29 2005
A missing #include in kconfigwin.h; you can add it by hand. I wish I had testers :) - Oct 29 2005
0.6.5 will be out in a few days, there's some already done work I have to test. - Oct 28 2005
Yes, my bad. You should place the same #ifdef/#endif around those two, including "config.h" at the beginning. Or, mail me for an updated tarball...
Bye. - Oct 28 2005
First of all, sorry for the lag.
Well, you can define what is your master control of your card (go into settings pages, and use "Master" to set what it is).
Then, I know, there's some bug that prevents kamix for storing settings. I'm investigating this, among with working on some new features. Stay tuned for 0.6.2...

Thanks and bye - Feb 21 2005
Yes, definitely a bug... sorry, will be fixed in next release. - Dec 06 2004
Could you send me the error gcc gives? - Dec 02 2004
VUMeter is the only piece needing aRts. You should recompile kamix configuring with --disable-vumeter to avoid this dependency, and to avoid kamix to launch aRts. - Nov 26 2004
If you're referring to "grouping" elements together, well ALSA does not handle informations about "logical" groups, also because they are pretty hardware-dependant.

I'm planning anyway to implement a free grouping, so that you can decide which elements to see "together" and possibily show/hide them on the fly. This requires a not-so-little bit of work, so it will take some time... but stay tuned... - Nov 18 2004
Well, for an equalizer, you have to grab the sound out of your soundcard, that is dealing with the underlaying sound server; that's exactly what I want to avoid, letting this piece of software completely sound server independent (you see, the vumeter is based on aRts, and many people asked me to rip it out because they don't use it, this is just an example). - Nov 12 2004
KMix is fine _now_, but it wasn't when I started this project; kmix was based on aRts, while kamix is purely base on ALSA since the beginning, and this is not a little difference. Then things evolved, gaps was filled and so on. There are a few, little things that kmix still doesn't handle (e.g. enumerated elements), a few differences, this is why I keep this project alive :) - Nov 12 2004
I personally use debian unstable on my boxes, so it sounds weird. Could you try to launch it from a konsole and see if it says something useful? - Oct 04 2004

This is an old question... kamix and kmix LOOK similar, but they are built upon completely different basis. They can hardly share something, beside the basic ideas.

Kamix is based on ALSA directly, and gets rid of mid-layer as aRts, and it can be useful for those for which kmix is not completely functional (for example, kmix does not handle - so far - enumerated items).

After all, it's a matter of choice :) - Sep 14 2004

Thank you! :) Ahem, what "multiple-instance bug" are you referring to? - Aug 17 2004
May it be "audiofile" package? - Jul 29 2004
Ahem, kamix in Suse and my kamix are completely different. Name clash, badly. Anyway I will inspect this libaudio dependency, which actually should not be there. - Jul 29 2004
Actually I don't use Suse, but those two missing libraries are part of two packages, named libaudio2 and libexpat in a Debian system. I suppose that Suse package names are similar (or the same), so try finding and installing those.

Bye. - Jul 27 2004
OK, I think I've solved this. Actually it was due to a too hard querying flow towards aRts, that I didn't notice because my laptop is fast enough...

Will be fixed in the next release - Jul 07 2004
Are you using the vu-meter? If so, does the CPU load drop when you switch it off? - Jul 07 2004
Thanks, nice suggestions. I'll catch your ideas of playback/record on the same view, and yes, also the switch handling must be improved.

I'll cope with those in the next releases. - Jul 02 2004

This was already pointed out by others; kmix and kamix are different on the basis, the former based on aRts, the latter based on ALSA, I think there would be too little to share, except for the "ideas".

As I said elsewhere, kamix started one year ago, when kmix were obviously "poorer" than today, and when kamix had its own reasons to be. Now it could be pointless for many, but there are cases in which direct use of ALSA may be useful.

Bye! - Jul 01 2004

Thanks. Well, it does store in the config file whether to show the vu-meter or not on startup. Would you mind sending me your config file ($HOME/.kde/share/config/kamixrc)?

Bye! - Jun 30 2004
Yes, already reported, that function seems to be new in ALSA 1.0.5, probably you have an "older" version of ALSA installed.

Quick fix: replace line #26 in src/kalsa.cpp:

return snd_asoundlib_version();


return "0";

and recompile, it should go fine.
This will be fixed in the next round. - Jun 25 2004

OK, I knew that sooner or later somebody asked me that :) So far, only card 0 is read, but I'm adding support for multiple cards. Stay tuned, in a couple of day I'll release it.

Thanks and bye! - Jun 22 2004

These differences come out since kamix is based directly on ALSA, while kmix uses aRts as abstraction layer. Using ALSA directly can provide more accurate details about controls and abilities.

About choosing the short view control, I think this is a very good idea, will be done.

So it may be worth... al least for some time:) - Jun 18 2004

It seems you don't have alsa development package (headers, specifically): try installing them... - Feb 13 2004
Here you are :) - Feb 12 2004
It is relevant to me as long as official kmix lacks support for things that could prevent audio board from working on some non-basical function (splitting channels, or combo-based selections). Then your're right, there should be only one mixer, it's an app that normally doesn't need "alternatives"... (My initial work was only done to solve a problem of mine, then I "shared" it when I saw it worked :) ) - Feb 10 2004
Flat (full-screen splash)

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 9 comments

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May 05 2004
Could you keep the same font you use for "KDE" and "3.2" for the "Welcome" too? It's a bit clashing :) - May 06 2004
Great, simply. Keep on this masterpiece (the whole set I mean). Just a little thing: on my 1400x1050 screen, the "KDE" with the wheel and the "3.2" are too aliased. Could you create a 1600x1200 version? - May 06 2004

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Jun 18 2018
I've always loved black and white icons, they don't hit your eyes with fancy color. This icons set is simply a great work.

Keep on... - Apr 29 2004