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VLT DeepDark

VLC Skins by Steva 26 comments

In addition to my previous reply, I'd like to add that the "about this skin" window doesn't open automatically, there is need to click on the "i" icon in the bottom right corner of the "Playlist" window so it could display. And if you open the "about this skin" window (accidentally or not), then to close it you can double click on its titlbar.
About the player window size, if it is too large, you can double click the player titlebar and it adjusts to the screen size and then you can quickly access the resizer to resize the window to your liking.

By the way, as you can read in the "about this skin" window, the theme is based off the "subX" skin that ships by default with VLC. What I only did with my theme is to replace the "subX" graphics with my custom ones. So I didn't change anything in the way the skin behaves, only how it looks. - Mar 24 2021
VLT DeepDark

VLC Skins by Steva 26 comments


I have this theme installed on my own machines and there is no window "about the author" constantly popping by itself and I didn't set anything in the theme to make it to behave that way. I never did such things with my themes and will ever do.

By the way, in more than eight years this addon is available for download, no one ever reported to me this kind of issue. May I ask you from where you downloaded/retrieved the file? Did you do directly on this site or from an untrusted source? - Mar 24 2021