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david k Aachen, Germany
First of all I really like your software cause I am in the middle of my thesis. It would be very helpful.
I compiled it on Ubuntu 8.04 amd64. Unfortunately it crashes with this error:
ktikz: ../../src/xcb_lock.c:77: _XGetXCBBuffer: Assertion `((int) ((xcb_req) - (dpy->request)) >= 0)' failed.
Aborted - May 01 2008

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by Apoclypse 305 comments

first of all thanks for the application. Everything except colours is working nicely. I still have the ugly, standard grey. Do you have any Idea?
Greetings, dk - Apr 14 2008

Security by trisz 27 comments

Could you post a link to tar.gz file? I'm on Gentoo and would like to try your application as well.
DK - Oct 29 2007
Orange Rock

Amarok Themes by stomking 3 comments

Thanks for the comment. I got the wallpaper here: - Jun 09 2007
As the subject says I cannot use this theme cause amarokFS (0.5) is crashing as soon as I apply the settings. Unfortunately I cannot find any difference to the standard theme. Any suggestions? - Jun 08 2007

Amarok Themes by scx 6 comments

You should take a look at this: - May 01 2007
Gentoo G 1280x1024

Wallpaper Other by elektrohirn 8 comments

I'm searching for a font like you used in this wallpaper. any links available? - Feb 01 2004