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Happy Hippie
Linux Matrix

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Oct 18 2006
Just cool, maybe without the Ivan 2006 - Oct 19 2006

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by g33z
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Oct 21 2006
This is not frankenstein, it's his monster.
You should change the title.
But good made. I like it.
Did you draw it yourself?? - Oct 19 2006

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Oct 11 2006
First it was like i was going to throw up, because it look like... i dont know.
But good. :) - Oct 12 2006
Linux blue screen of death

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Aug 06 2006
if you think it is bad, why dont you tell what's bad?? - Aug 07 2006
Magnetic Cloud

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Jan 28 2007
this is awsom. it really is.
i wish i could make something like that - Aug 01 2006
World Domination - Tux

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Aug 02 2006
tnx, but i followed a tutorial for the tux - Aug 01 2006
I love Linux (several languages)

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Jan 10 2006
I love linux = Jeg elsker Linux

Every day we are more = Hver dag er vi flere - Jan 05 2006
Cannabis (Moodin)

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 4 comments

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Jul 05 2005
If you mean that you self can deside where the icons should be, then yes. It's just all about X and Y cordinates. - Jul 05 2005

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 12 comments

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Jun 22 2005
Ups, sorry.
I did it at my school, and we use RAR there.
I know, me myself also hate RAR in linux, so i will update it in either zip or tar.tgz tomorrow - Jun 21 2005
i dont tell people to use drugs.
I just love the leaf, so then im gonna make a theme about that.
I havenot ever told somebody on here or anywhere else, that they should go and smoke a pipe of weed.
It's just art, and it should ONLY be seeing (sorry for my english, im Danish) like artwork.
It is NOT a advertisment for drugs - Jun 21 2005
how much more do you think??
100 PX
Just let me know, it should be nice to look at, right :) - Jun 21 2005

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Jun 06 2005
Hemp is NOT a drug. is a natural plant.
And it is much more safer than drinking, just so that you know it.
Alcohol KILLS but not cannabis.

If you have heard anything else, then try and ask your local dealer or a stoner, and ask if he/she knows id cannabis kills. - Jun 08 2005
Is it okay, when you think of that it is my first splash, and im almost new to linux? I have only work with it in approx 6 month, not the splash, but linux - Jun 07 2005
KDM Theme Manager

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 237 comments

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Dec 16 2007
I cant run the KDM theme manager, because it says something about the path is wrong or something.
What can i do to get it to work - May 12 2005