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Störm Poorun Ladywell, London / Falmouth, Cornwall, United Kingdom
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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by arielch 30 comments

Thanks that's great.
I wonder if you would be able to do a KF5 version for Arch/Manjaro users in the Arch User Repository? Or other distro users? I'd be happy to offer a small bounty.. - Mar 26 2016

Video Apps by RockMan81 102 comments

The current version of Mplayerthumbs defaults to Phonon, yet it does not work out-of-the-box with phonon.

There are two workarounds:


- Press Ctrl-F2 and type mplayerthumbsconfig and then Enter.
- Set the backend to MPlayer (it defaults to Phonon).


- Alternatively leave Phonon as the backend..
- install phonon-backend-mplayer.

To the developer(s):

Perhaps when phonon is selected the user should be asked to install phonon-backend-mplayer, via the notifications system, in the same way that arora suggests multimedia codecs, and nepomuk suggests sesame2.

Alternatively it should default to
Mplayer, and the box where Phonon can be selected should have a message informing the user of the phonon-backend-mplayer likely requirement. - Oct 13 2009