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Domino Milk Productive

KDE 3 Domino Styles by scream 2 comments

Muse is awesome! - Aug 02 2007
Transparent background for Terminal

Beryl/Emerald Themes by jfrez 12 comments

Settings > Configure Konsole, Schema tab. On the right side there's a "Background" box where you can click on the button with "..." in it and browse for a background image. - Mar 14 2007
Blubuntu GRUB Splash

GRUB Themes by xopher 20 comments

How do I change the resolution of the GRUB menu? I have vga=792 on the defoptions= line, so my bootsplash and virtual terminals are a large resolution, but the GRUB menu still cuts off the bottom of the image because the resolution is too small. - Feb 09 2007
Ubuntu Christmas Login

GDM Themes by thecellodude 2 comments

I'll use this one probably until Christmas! Good work. - Dec 04 2006

Cursors by nikaa 31 comments

this is what I like to see: take OSX themes and change them just enough to get away with it. I think i just found my new cursor theme. :) - Oct 19 2006
Tux versus Ms butterfly

GDM Themes by alcapcom 14 comments

You go to System --> Administration --> Login Window, and then drag the file into the window where it shows the gdm screens. It should install it and then you will be able to select it. - Oct 15 2006