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Full Icon Themes by hammergom 28 comments

If you are interested in a format that has worked well for giving credit to the artist, please see this:

Eric - Apr 04 2007
Xandros KBFX

Kbfx Startmenu by strawnman 2 comments

Yes, you should look at the original. I am only experimenting with KBFX and trying to locate a suitable theme for Xandors users. Blue Ball is made by subzero and I take no credit for any of his work. All I did was change the dude box, the hover images and a few other minor tweaks.

Eric - Jul 03 2006
Blue Swirl

Wallpaper Other by arenyart 4 comments

That is exactly what I needed to know. Thanks for helping me out.

Eric - Jul 05 2005
linux blue stars

Wallpaper Other by arctic 5 comments

very nice. Question? If you are using gimp how did you get the reflection on the bottom of linux? I would assume it is in script fu, but where and what plugin?

Eric - Jul 01 2005
Blue Swirl

Wallpaper Other by arenyart 4 comments

Man it looks good. I am experimenting with gimp and was wondering how you get the feathered effect? If you know what about the gloss effect that we see with the newer kde 3.4 backgrounds?

Thanks Eric - Jun 30 2005
Linux world

Wallpaper Other by tripinstar 11 comments

Lets see more this guys real art.

Take a peek at this gem. No need for nudity to see he is gifted. - Jun 30 2005
Linux world

Wallpaper Other by tripinstar 11 comments

Shoot forgot to show this artist latest set of boobs for our enjoyment. I think this may be his girlfriend, or is it a picture from his pron mag Miss May I believe. - Jun 30 2005
Linux world

Wallpaper Other by tripinstar 11 comments

Well, if we had some inkling that the author was not producing naked tits for pure pleasure, those hopes were dispelled by his submission of the large breast in your face wallpaper found above. Hee Hee. I agree we shouldn't condemn the human body, but for those who simply put clips of porn on the site as was done in his other posting, then we need to say "hold on little buddy, just make it tasteful my children are looking at linux, and here they see two huge breasts and a naked woman staring at the earth all from the same author."

More over, this isn't his wife or girlfriend. So not GPL. Why not have him submit a pretty picture of his girlfriend or wife or mom. come on, lets see all his family. Oh, that wouldn't be right? Then for all you folks who think this is artistic, lets see you or your family in similar poses. I especially would like to see your opinion when some of the perverts on the web to see your family nude to the bust. Hee Hee. Come on, if it is good for this guy, let's see his daughters and wifes. Its art Right? - Jun 30 2005
Blue Bust Linux

Wallpaper Other by tripinstar 8 comments

Well buddy you are on your own, I won't say another word in defense of this drudge. Coven and the rest of the gang should condemn this idiocy.

Moderators, this fellow should not upload this until he demonstrates he has acheived GPL license to distribute these busts. I guarantee this isn't his wife or girl friend.

No GPL No upload. - Jun 30 2005
Linux world

Wallpaper Other by tripinstar 11 comments

Boy, I tell you this is pretty close. I might just beleive that the artist really didn't want this to be porn. If I am wrong then I am sorry, but it looks like he hid the parts perverts desire. She is beautiful, but maybe we should be looking at his point of putting a sultry woman to represent Linux. Not sure that is what I think Linux represents. Moreover, Dominiation in the Latin sense meaning to Lord over a good ruler, then yeah, but if he means it as we know today, NOPE, not a chance. Work on bringing the two pictures together a bit more, she is a bit too big for the globe, reduce her size and merge the light so the sun reflects off her face as it does the globe. - Jun 30 2005
Hey, I already created this already.

In fact I did it prior to Linspire's release. But I agree you and I had similar desires.
Eric - May 10 2005
xandros wallpaper

Wallpaper Other by amire 3 comments

It is good to see your continued support of xandros. I will try to design a theme around this lastest work of art. I have a request however. I am trying to Make a red theme using Xandros base red and white colors, but I need a background that will have the xandros logo tilted back toward the horizon and the bottom comming foward. the balls making up the logo would be great if they looked like red/white glass balls or shiny metalic balls. The back ground can be any neutral color or any other idea, but I would like the logo to appear as if it were floating on its back you might say. If possible I would dedicate an entire them after you.
Thanks Eric. - Apr 28 2005
Soylent Green

KDE 3 Color Schemes by madpenguin8 3 comments

Haaaaaa Haaaaaaa.
Not too many younger folks may appreciate the title Soylent Green, but the few old kogers around here do.
Background: Soylent Green was a 70's movie about the US having a shortage of beef due to a disease I beleive, so meat was scarse. That is of coarse except if you bought your meat at Soylent Green. They would go around the neigborhoods looking for their victims and then collect them in their trash trucks, then take them to be processed for butchering and then eventual sale. "Watch what you eat, it might be me!" Hee hee.
Eric - Apr 28 2005
alien girl

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by kzhar 3 comments

Yeah, I think there is,
See the pig tails and berrets?
Hee Hee
Eric - Apr 01 2005
Crystalized Noia

KDE Plasma Screenshots by strawnman 1 comment

Ha Ha. Well folks, it must be just downright ugly with the current score. Hee Hee.
I will try next time to make a really pretty one, if I can. Just makes me giggle.

The creator of this obviously ugly screenshot. - Mar 10 2005
Silver Desert Wallpaper

Wallpaper Other by sbrown1038 2 comments

Your work is awesome. Keep it up
Eric - Feb 22 2005
Simple Xandros Quick Launc

KDE Plasma Screenshots by strawnman 3 comments

Here they are.

Eric - Feb 08 2005
Simple Xandros Quick Launc

KDE Plasma Screenshots by strawnman 3 comments

It is a xandros icon, created and provided by xandros, but I can see if I am able to make a package with the icons on it. You will have to use gimp to remove the xandros icon or put another icon in its place. Note: as it is several png's you will have to edit them all.
Eric - Feb 08 2005
Metal4kde rpm for mandrake 10.1

KDE 3.5 Themes by Plouf34 13 comments

keeps comming up in real player. How do I download without it automatically opening up?
Eric - Feb 07 2005
Moon Burn Wallpaper

Wallpaper Other by sbrown1038 2 comments

Looks really good. Did you use blender?
Eric - Feb 04 2005
Suse 9.2 Glassbock

Wallpaper Other by twochannelguru 2 comments

It looks great. I have a question. I am just learning to use Blender and am not sure how to save the image as a jpeg. I hit render and from the camera I get a screen shot, then I try to save image under file and it comes up as a .blend
What am I doing wrong?
Eric - Feb 01 2005
Nvisible Platform Kroller Xandros

Karamba & Superkaramba by strawnman 7 comments

This I understand. I was an orginal beta tester for the project. I didn't see the purpose of running two seperate enviornments at the same time, but it sure is pretty.
Sorry about your misunderstanding

Oh, yeah, this too is open source.
Hee Hee - Jan 27 2005
Nvisible Platform Kroller Xandros

Karamba & Superkaramba by strawnman 7 comments

Apparently you miss the mark, in Greek it is called hemarte. Sorry for your misunderstanding. This is a karamba theme and is not anything more.

Eric - Jan 27 2005
SVG Deco - concept

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by spasemunkie 23 comments

I really don't know why so many think that Gnome is so colorful or original. Take a look at these examples:

Where is the color in colorful, where is the original in originality. Gnome has its advantages, but it is for sure not a beautiful destop application.

Eric - Jan 25 2005
Wall Folders

Icon Sub-Sets by dflax 1 comment

Hey, thanks these are very impressive. I would like to see more if you have any or would think of designing any. These by far are truly unique.
Eric - Jan 25 2005
KDE-Look t-shirt - K TuX

Various Artwork by croky 5 comments

Hey, well I had a bit of a giggle, because from the little png it looked like Grimis from McDonalds line of characters.
Anyway, it looks good, but don't know if I would wear it. If you had an idea that had a professional edge to it, that would be fantastic.
Eric - Jan 21 2005
Debian Glass Spheres

Wallpapers Debian by matis 7 comments

I have never used blender, but will look into it. As for adding the xandros logo, I can open your jpeg / png in inkscape, then create 3d balls and place them in the logo pattern. This is not too difficult, see my karabma icon, same use of inkscape. But I would like to create 3d images in linux if possible. Main reason is I would like to creat a 3d icon size computer for My Linux icon which will rotate in karamba instead of taking 29 pictures of an actual computer in 29 different locations then edit each pic. If there were a 3d app out there that would allow me to rotate the 3d image 360 degrees and at 29 different places take a snapshot in jpeg or png then it would allow me more time to creat these icons for karamba.
Eric. - Jan 21 2005
Debian Glass Spheres

Wallpapers Debian by matis 7 comments

yeah, let me know about where to get this fantastic app.
Eric - Jan 20 2005
debian (light spirale) wallpaper

Wallpapers Debian by kovi 6 comments

Download image, and crop some of the back ground out, then in gimp under image choose scale image to either 128 or 72 or 64 or 48 or 32 depending on what size icon you want.
Eric - Jan 20 2005
Debian Glass Spheres

Wallpapers Debian by matis 7 comments

Hey, how do you get the spheres to look so real? I have used inkscape but can't figure out how to get that glossy effect. I know lighing effects in gimp 2.0 allow some cool features but this 3d appearance is simply amazing. Let me know how to do it. Also, I like the Debian look, would you allow me to place a Xandros logo on the second ball. I will give all credit to you, but we need something like this for Xandros. Let me know. Again, it looks great
Eric - Jan 20 2005

Karamba & Superkaramba by strawnman 3 comments

Your synopsis is accurate. I will work on contacing those guys at kooldock, and will experiment with the code in kroller.
Eric - Jan 12 2005

Karamba & Superkaramba by kilativv 2 comments

Hey, this is a great idea, where we get more out of the theme then the standard output.

Question? I like the background. If you or anyone else know, how do you get the debian symbol to look 3d with the lighting effect. I tried several ways and haven't been able to get it under inkscape or gimp2.0. Any suggestions would love to hear them. - Jan 12 2005
Linux is sexy

Wallpaper Other by NetRAVEN5000 21 comments

Ahh, so those who choose to believe in a God are sheep. Well my fair feathered Friend, Baaaaaaaa. Baaaaaaaa. Hee Hee. Your present world may consist of no morals and raging sexuality, but my future holds a place of sainthood. See you later, well at least in these forums.

P.S. Don't confuse Christianity or any other religion with non-communal, I believe in the political/economic importance of Linux, and that is why I am here. As for the poor suckers who can't see that it is a naked girl and accidently open it and choose to comment, well opps. Christianity is not prude so long as you are not wacking to the pic.
Eric - Jan 04 2005
Xandros 3

KDE Plasma Screenshots by strawnman 2 comments

I surely like using this one. I know it was designed for another distro, but it looks so darn cool, I had to add it on my desktops. Simply amazing.
Eric - Jan 04 2005 wallpaper

Wallpapers Debian by debianizzato 6 comments

I hope this blatent copy does not represent the new Italian Debian community. Hee Hee. But seriously man, just ask if you can use the artwork or at least tell everyone that you borrowed the graveyard man from another artist and that by first wall paper you mean everything except the little graveyard dude.
Eric - Jan 04 2005
I Am K-D-E...

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by andrD 5 comments

And that my friend is exactly what makes you a great artist and a proponent of GNU. Kudos, and keep it comming.
Eric - Dec 28 2004

Wallpaper Other by LFSdemon 4 comments

I first looked at spears just a few minutes ago and thought I would use it as my background, but after seeing yours I quickly changed to this picture. Amazing color. - Dec 27 2004
ooImpress Gulls Template

Various Stuff by SeanParsons 3 comments

Great stuff at this place, I didn't even know it existed. I will tell all my fellow users of Xandros and linux about his hot spot. Biggest complaint about OO was its lack of templates. No more my friend. Now we have hit the jack pot. Thanks again, and can't wait to see more of your work.
Eric - Dec 23 2004

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by dralgebra 175 comments

Hey, great work. I have been using Crystal for a long time. You are the hit with the debian nation. Your debs load perfectly, and that is a huge bonus. Thanks again.
Eric - Dec 23 2004

Wallpaper Other by masterpikx 2 comments

Great thing is you know this is GPL. Great work, hope to see more.
Eric - Dec 17 2004
ooImpress Gulls Template

Various Stuff by SeanParsons 3 comments

That is pretty cool. We need many more of these because the default impress templates are really old. The orange and blue template is as old as OO.
Thanks again.
Eric - Dec 15 2004

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by LaFleche 25 comments

This is what I have been waiting for, I wondered if pager could be combined with 3ddesktop. And I agree, this should be default kde. This is a cool app. Longhorn and Tiger will be hardpressed to compete with a default option like this. - Dec 14 2004
Xandros 3 Transparent Launch Button

Icon Sub-Sets by AndrewJ 1 comment

Great work Andrew.
Eric - Dec 14 2004

Various Stuff by inK 2 comments

Great job. Xandros 3 deserves this attribute.
Eric - Dec 09 2004
Linux Táchira

Wallpaper Other by Rendergraf 12 comments

That is because this is in spanish and not latin. Hee Hee. "Los" is "the" and latin does not have articles such as this. - Dec 06 2004
Thermaltake Theme

Karamba & Superkaramba by strawnman 4 comments

I think if you download my tgz it may be inside.
Eric - Dec 03 2004
Thermaltake Theme

Karamba & Superkaramba by strawnman 4 comments

They are skins taken from winamp, simply download your skin and change the file to a .zip file and paste them into your /usr/share/apps/xmms/skins file as root. Then change your skin like you normally would. - Nov 29 2004