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commie conky

Conky 6 comments

Score 55.0%
Apr 21 2010
You are a communist you just dont know it yet. Opensource software is a form of communism. Debian is even developed in a former communist nation: Poland. Think about it: you are not paying for Ubuntu. Its collectively developed. Its a collective, its communal. Gnome-look .org org is a collective of community made themes and fonts and stuff. Capitalists like to pay money. Capitalists would rather die than use free software. - Mar 08 2010
What do you mean? Are you still a Capitalist? - Feb 10 2010

Full Icon Themes 30 comments

by KuduK
Score 72.2%
Sep 12 2009
What kind of 3D, like Blender or something? - Aug 01 2009
this icon theme is quite original. I like the face on the home folder. - Jul 31 2009