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Sudhang Shankar Delhi, India

Dolphin Service Menus by cbouveyron 7 comments

Now I can switch to KDE4's dolphin :) - Sep 24 2008
Yakuake service menu

Dolphin Service Menus by MementoMori 7 comments

Wonderful! I needed this! - Mar 03 2008

Dolphin Service Menus by jfarrell 12 comments

Thanks a bunch! Works perfectly in both d3lphin and konqueror, though I had to use the "allfiles" tweak mentioned above for the latter. - Mar 03 2008

Amarok 1.x Scripts by ultramancool 66 comments

The best lyrics script of them all... Now the only artists I ever have to search lyrics for are those too obscure to be on any lyrics sites. :D

And thanks a million for the lyricstime patch - Mar 02 2008