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Dominik Schmidt Hagen, Germany
Media Tag Tools

Audio Apps by parapente 40 comments

if you have cedega or wine you could have a look at it's a very great program.. and it's handling is the best i ever saw (and believe me i tested dozens of programs to tag mp3s)

i'm still looking for a linux-tool which is as handy as mp3tag :( - Mar 04 2006
Simple todo list

Various KDE Stuff by ekinox 18 comments

it's simple? - Dec 07 2005
Sabayon Linux

Various KDE Stuff by lxnay 9 comments

It\\\'s installable and can offer something that no other distro can.

so what is that great ominous thing no other distro can? - Dec 02 2005

System Software by jrfaller 28 comments

yes.. when i saw it i thought the same, but maybe it's really cool for people mígrating from windows.. so it's not that hard.. nevertheless i would change the design, too - Jul 03 2005
FTP Monitor (KDE 3)

System Software by nileshbansal 45 comments

hm.. in mails we came to another conclusion :)
so i'm waiting for you to implement it. do not feel hounded, just reminded :D - Apr 05 2005
FTP Monitor (KDE 3)

System Software by nileshbansal 45 comments

how about adding support for stfp-server? :] - Mar 25 2005

Emulation by pistooli 34 comments

you can download this rpm and trasform it with alien, works fine :)

only thing to do left is:
sudo ld --whole-archive -share -o /usr/lib/ /usr/X11R6/lib/libXinerama.a

because debian has no such lib ;) - Mar 23 2005