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Wallpaper Other by Maui15 4 comments

i love your work i have a question for you in working with my own wallpapers how do you draw your curvred lines in you pictures im not sure how to get good solid curve lines i have photoshop and psp thanks - Oct 01 2003

Wallpaper Other by surfoc 7 comments

sorry cant spell tonight lol - Sep 29 2003

Wallpaper Other by surfoc 7 comments

ok update has been released i hope you all like it . i also am working on a blue version it has been uploaded as well search for Gorilla time Blue

c-ya any coments for improvement fell free - Sep 29 2003

Wallpaper Other by surfoc 7 comments

hi guys im workin on a new version tonight look for it in a couple hours thanks for the feedback - Sep 28 2003

Wallpaper Other by pacopi 3 comments

nice photo but it would be alot better if you got that bad looking KDE off the bottom good ideah but it kills the photo - Sep 27 2003
Lindows 4 with Windows Me

KDE Plasma Screenshots by surfoc 6 comments

well lets start on this lindows is based on DEBIAN am i right ok so for all you that put lindows down need to remember lindows is still LINUX and for your info im running lindows 4 with kde 3.1.4 and gnome and everything else you might think so in my book its not that bad and win4lin blows vmware out of the water i wouldnt use it but i have to for work ... please dont put down lindows untill you really see where linux is going

lindows = Future of linux

go on bash all you want but lindows is as good as any other distro out there tell me one thing you can do on your distro of linux and i have already done it in lindows (Lindows Rocks) its here to stay Get used to it - Sep 25 2003
Lindows 4

KDE Plasma Screenshots by surfoc 2 comments

yeah its kinda small can i see a screen shot of yours i really really really wish i could get superkaramba to work with lindows but the whole QT3. thing has me screwd till they update lindows so ill just ahve to wait - Sep 24 2003
Korilla v1.3.5 (Kool Gorilla)

Icon Sub-Sets by systemx 34 comments

there is no theme file just folders with icons please help

o i also use lindows 4.0.548 - Sep 18 2003