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Adam Buchanan TC, United States of America
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Any Color You Like

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Aug 26 2011
Nevermind...complete fail on my part. There's no issue. - Oct 22 2011
I had been using this theme then I upgraded to Ubuntu 11.10. Now when I try to apply a new style, the terminal out puts "gnome-panel: no process found". I'm not sure if there's something I should be doing differently or not. Please let us know. Thanks. - Oct 22 2011
Ubuntu One Encrypt/Decrypt

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May 25 2011
Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed the script. I originally just wrote this for my own use and didn't really intend on publishing it, hence the lack of documentation. - Sep 17 2011
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Sep 15 2010
I'm pretty sure this is an old problem. I'm sure it's been brought up plenty. I would be content with having the ability to specify either opt-in or opt-out directories. - Sep 15 2010
The GTK theme is "T3K" and the window boarder is "No-Title". To get the transparency I use compiz with the transparency set to 55. If you use that much transparency you'll have to bold your font. - Sep 15 2010
Updates made. Thanks. - Sep 15 2010
Combine Video Files

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Jun 03 2010
I finished and published the split script here:

I hope you find it useful. I've tested it a bunch myself, but if you find bugs or have suggestions for it just let me know. - Jul 16 2010
I'll take a look at that. I personally wouldn't have a use for it, but I think it would be a fun project. Give me a few days and I'll see what I can come up with. If you have anymore details of how you would like it to function just leave them in the comments.

Thanks for the feedback. - Jul 13 2010
Gnome simple powerfull free

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May 22 2008
the legs are really choppy above the ankles. - Apr 01 2009