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swizec Swizec , Slovenia
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Jul 04 2008
Hi, this works great for text files, but it'd be really awesome if it worked for other stuff like images and pdf's. Or is it just me aching for something like that? - Sep 13 2008
Tea Cooker

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Aug 08 2008
That's ... a good point. Sorry, I'm still a bit new at this whole compiled-app-distribution because I'm used to php. - Jul 21 2008
Hey thanks, that's really awesome of you. - Jul 21 2008

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May 24 2010
I managed to figure out what the problem is with this particular issue as I had it myself.

The thing is that amarok stores (or in my case at least) paths relative to the directory set as a root for the collection. I applied a crude fix for this that works in my particular case but am completely unsure of how this would be fixable in general.

That's the issue anyway :) - Sep 04 2006
Korganizer impovement

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May 31 2003
Oh and I got another idea,

would it be possible to somehow incorporate the plan for today into the wallpaper? - Dec 15 2004
I have an idea taht I think would be nice for this great piece of software.
1. the white background could be an image and all of the events or todos would be semi transparent, think that would look very nice

2. now if you double click an event it shows the editing thing but what if it would bring up something similar to planner, like a nice thingy to edit everything there is to edit about a project...
Actually I kinda miss that, it would be useful to have an project and a day planner in one application - Dec 15 2004