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Stuart s.w.tinga
Courtenay Airpark

Wallpaper Other by swt 3 comments

umm.. would you believe it's gimped from two real photos? - Sep 05 2006
Firefox Quickstarter

Utilities by finrold 24 comments

This awesome little devil works perfect in KDE 3.5.1 except checking the "start automatically with KDE" context menu option has no effect, at least for me. And if you use this, [timesaving tip for fellow boneheads], you gotta remember to kill it when you restart your browser after installing a new extension. - Feb 21 2006

Wallpaper Other by hauke 10 comments

Maybe because the cows are female, and sometime words are juxtapositioned in translation, or else a typo when he (or she) meant to say, "heir cows". - Dec 17 2005

Noatun Skins by evolove 2 comments

i get >>error! does not appear to be a valid zip file.
Maybe if it was compressed as a zip rather than tar? I extracted it then compressed it as a zip, but installing that caused noatun to crash. - Sep 07 2005
Linux - Ride the wave

Wallpaper Other by johnny86 1 comment

easy on the eyes.definitely add-to-collection-worthy - Jun 12 2005