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Matt Jacobs Fresno, United States of America
Linux infinity

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by uggi
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Sep 22 2009
It would be a lot better without the gibberish. You're mixing Latin and Greek letters, and they don't make any sense. The closest pronunciation would come out something like "lfpux"

ΛΙΝΥΞ is the closest thing to how "Linux" would be spelled in Greek (ΛΙΝΥX would be pronounced more like "linuch").

LINVX is how it would look in the ancient Latin alphabet, though. - Sep 25 2009

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Jan 08 2013
OK. My mistake then - Aug 03 2009
I'm using version 0.4.0 on Kubuntu 9.04 Jaunty and I really dislike the search function. I don't understand why the search defaults to using OR operators instead of AND. Every word I add to a search increases the number of results, rather than narrowing them. This makes it nearly impossible to find a package if I don't know its name or a fairly unique word for what I want. - Jul 23 2009

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by croky
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May 06 2005
I love this and the earlier versions. My personal favorite wallpaper. - Apr 07 2009

System Software
by Sho

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Aug 06 2009

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by croky

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Apr 07 2009