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PaweĊ‚ K. , Poland

Compiz Themes by madam 3 comments

that's right ;) - Nov 09 2008
Aurora Leopard BSM

Compiz Themes by brunomarquesbr 1 comment

Spaces between scrollbars and elements they belong to are ugly... there too many lines. There is a way to disable spaces in GTK theme, but I don't remember it :/
I would be very grateful if you make them disappear and scrolls will be close to the lists... - Nov 09 2008
Gentle Lifestyle

Beryl/Emerald Themes by uel 7 comments

One of the Murrine themes ;) Searching don't hurt :D - Sep 16 2007
Centrizon theme

Beryl/Emerald Themes by Szorstki 9 comments

It's nice to meet someone from Poland on :)

Well if you think that name in English would be better I can change it ;]

But...all in English all the time might be boring, so... :D - Sep 14 2007
QIP smiles for Pidgin (vedmedko edit)

Various Gnome Stuff by vedmedko 5 comments

very nice :) - Sep 11 2007
Amora Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by Embrace 33 comments

keep working on this icon set, it's one of the best sets I've ever seen :) - Sep 10 2007
Centrizon theme

Beryl/Emerald Themes by Szorstki 9 comments

The GTK style name is Elegance.
(Standard Elegance colour scheme)

Regards - Sep 09 2007
Frosted Glass

Beryl/Emerald Themes by danielw 2 comments

I think there is not enough space between the gtk elements and the end of compiz decoration- buttons should be smaller or in higher area...although good job :) - Sep 07 2007
Open Office Letters

Icon Sub-Sets by 89c51 3 comments

looks nice, but...too much chaos I think... - Sep 03 2007
heheh, good idea :) - Sep 03 2007
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