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Thomas Witzenrath
Flash in splash screen

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by Belfegor 6 comments

support a lot more media?

I just had a vision of funny little movies being pulled from the net every day by cron and being played when logging in... :-) - Jun 22 2006

Karamba & Superkaramba by maul 3 comments

<fun>muah... this is soooo 1337... ;-)</fun> - Feb 13 2006
amaroK Anti-Alarm

Amarok 1.x Scripts by hankscorpio 2 comments

Sorry, but isn't this rather a job for cron or at, than for a music player?

Don't understand me wrong, perhaps your work is just the thing everyone in this world absolutely needs, and I'm just too stupid to understand it... I don't mean to stop you from contributing, its just that I think apps shouldn't always do everything possible, but concentrate on the things they're meant for... - Sep 07 2005
Flexible Plugin For KSplash

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by thilomaurer 46 comments

.. when background.png is missing.

besides that, great work!! - Feb 11 2005
kdesu patch(mockup)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by jrch2k 18 comments

You should add possibility to choose the program to start as user.

So one could do alt+f2, kdesu (or whatever you want to call it), choose program and user and run it.. - Feb 10 2005

Wallpaper Other by Blackiechan 5 comments

...without walls and fences, who needs windows or gates?

makes more sense to me.. - Dec 04 2004

Utilities by jalal 3 comments

exactly what i've been waiting for. Compiles nicely with gentoo. ;-)

thanks a lot! - Sep 16 2004
suse rpm xorg 6.8 xcompmgr

Various Stuff by vicko 14 comments

Well, lets take a guess, where we can get Xorg sources... why not try


Btw. the screenshot only shows half the fun.. use transset to make windows transparent... !! - Sep 11 2004
Theme Idea from GNOME Community

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by zammi 21 comments

I like it. It may be destracting sometimes... but... hey.. it's great for showing off... ;-)

- Sep 06 2004
and not a gentoo-only thing. SuSE has it, I dunno who else.. think it's a kde-default style, not?

- Aug 28 2004
Idea: Re-designing 'Recent Files' / URBs

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by sgtpepper 18 comments

I like the sorting idea. I think it would realy make the "recent files" usable. At the moment I don't use it at all.

The search idea is not bad either. How about searching for the file I have opened 2 days ago in program XYZ?

URB sounds sweet, but could also be realy enerving. Imagine watching the first half of a movie and then wanting to watch it again with some friends.. where will it start?
And I don't think it's a good idea to clutter the .desktop files too much, cause it would make the whole thing slow.

But still, I realy hope to see some or most of these things in kde4 perhaps.. perhaps with a switch to just switch it off?


Tom - Aug 06 2004
AKDC Beta3 preview 2(see changelog)

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by jrch2k 357 comments

How can I get the corona style? It looks reeeeaaaallyyy good!! I want it!!! ;-)
- Aug 05 2004
Secure Password Generator

Security by jweinraub 10 comments

Pronouncable as I know it would be something like

CoucBayk (Couc-Bayk)
miHewAj^ (mi-Hew-Aj-CIRCUMFLEX)
DuekCak3 (Duek-Cak-THREE)
devgusGo (dev-gus-Go)
UdVovLej (Ud-Vov-Lej)
SpipGiuc (Spip-Gi-uc)
Paculnec (Pac-ul-nec)
shosjec" (shos-jec-QUOTATION_MARK)
boctyaib (boct-yaib)
0drupNin (ZERO-drup-Nin)
Casovruf (Cas-ov-ruf)
gucAkeag (guc-Ak-eag)
rakHobBu (rak-Hob-Bu)
leirjek' (leirj-ek-APOSTROPHE)
newcuest (new-cuest)
ektyftoi (ek-tyft-oi)
MefVasCa (Mef-Vas-Ca)
EnJevTan (En-Jev-Tan)
WyenRyn1 (Wyen-Ryn-ONE)
JeljopFi (Jelj-op-Fi)
drawrek5 (dra-wrek-FIVE)
WilGhoog (Wil-Ghoog)
yomsecvo (yoms-ec-vo)
limlicuk (lim-lic-uk)
caWragye (ca-Wrag-ye)
plemRimt (plem-Rimt)
jiefOct& (jief-Oct-AMPERSAND)
tov5Ifye (tov-FIVE-If-ye)
Imtubrot (Imt-ubr-ot)
urvInwif (urv-In-wif)

it's easy to remember and secure, since it's dictionary-proof..

Don't know how this is done, ie the algo to do it... these were generated with
# apg -a0 -m8 -x8 -t -n 30

Tom - Jul 28 2004

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by sleece 8 comments


as it seems you're from germany... but timestamps are from the future... kewl.. ;-)
Adjust your system time please..

besides that, this looks like a cool app!! ;-) - Jun 10 2004

Various Stuff by haydar 9 comments

... wtf!!! could you all try not to be that K-centric?? Let him post it here, why not. If anyone of the doesn't like it, THEY will remove it. As long as they don't mind, why do you??? I think it's cool, if people try to start their own desktop env. Perhaps it will be the preferred one some day, cause it is soooo much better than others...

All those crying about stuff postet here not being "KDE-related"... damn.. stop it! IT REALY SUX! - Jun 09 2004

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by Momo 18 comments

cool... looks great! and hey..

tar xvzf says it's software from the future.. kewl.. ;-)

oki, have to go an install it now.. ;-) - Apr 19 2004
KeramikAqua Theme for T610

Various Stuff by tagwar 7 comments

thanks for the positive comment!

a changed version has been uploaded.. ;-) - Mar 10 2004
Kopete -> iChat Style

Various Stuff by Magus 53 comments

wooohooohooo!!! I got credit... yeah... ;-)

Thanks... ;-) - Mar 08 2004
KeramikAqua Theme for T610

Various Stuff by tagwar 7 comments

for not posting this earlier.. but somehow I thought I had posted it here already... damn damn damn.. I'm gettin older.. *lol* - Mar 08 2004
Kopete -> iChat Style

Various Stuff by Magus 53 comments

okay, deleted it.. ;-) - Mar 08 2004
Kopete -> iChat Style

Various Stuff by Magus 53 comments


tell me when you dled it..;-) - Mar 08 2004
Kopete -> iChat Style

Various Stuff by Magus 53 comments


just uploaded a modified version, with transparent backgrounds. I hope you don't mind.. ;-) it definitely is still your work that makes this style so great!

thanks a lot and keep up the good work!! - Mar 08 2004
KWin drop shadow patches

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by Deciare 134 comments


looks cool! I will try it out as soon as my SuSE9 RPM is done building.. ;-)

Will put that one up here too then, as long as nobody else wants to do it/ has done it..

Tom - Feb 09 2004
Control Centre idea

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by leinir 16 comments

first thought (after looking at the first "screenshot":

"Whaaa.. looks ugly, why is ie "panels" there twice, HEEELP!!!" ;-)"

second thought was, okay, controlcenter could use a bit of makeup.. sure, but it is quite usable, when you first understand what is placed where and why.

So if we change it at all, we should keep a focus on usability!

I didn't know about the settings:/ yet, but I think that one is a good start.

Let's not just change somethink, because it's so [place whatever positive adjective you want here] to change something. ;-) - Feb 07 2004
BlueXFER service menu

Dolphin Service Menus by dirge 10 comments

this is damn cool!!

I just had one problem after installing:

I got

syntax error at bluexfer line 26, near "=;"
Execution of bluexfer aborted due to compilation errors.

but just placing a "0" between "=" and ";" solves this.. ;-)

Great work!! More of that pleeaaassseee! ;-) - Dec 02 2003
I'm not going to put up a name here. It's clear, the US has always been the "World Police". Especialy in North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, whatever... another fact is, that Iraqs power was build and helped by the US, as well as others, but don't start saying the US hadnt had anything to do with it. As was the fact in Afghanistan.
You Americans, you great patriots, super heros of the world. You sell weapons to those that you will fight later on. You even train them. CIA has trained Iraqi forces in the 1980s and I'm sure there's much more dirt under the carpet.

But why do we have to discuss such stuff on kde-look? I mean it's not kde-politics, nor kde-nation-i-hate, it's about look! Eyecandy as they call it.So go get lost with your patriotism, get lost with the anti-americanism and just post good eyecandy!

Btw, I'm from Germany, on of the old-Europe countries. And i've been laughing my ass of over this comment from, was it Mr. Rumsfeld? - Apr 15 2003
Blue Glass XCursors 3D

Cursors by ezteban 54 comments

well, i'm still trying to get my mouth shut again...
until now I've been using the TuxCursors.. funny, but sometimes annoying.

Your cursors are absolutely great! I realy like the arrow and hour-glass cursor.
Imho the hand-cursor and text-cursor need some work. Hand-Cursor should look a bit more like a human-hand perhaps.. and text-cursor could be bigger. I have problems seeing it when working in konsole.

but still, the very best cursors I have ever seen! - Mar 27 2003
Konqueror/kdesktop suggestion

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by PovMan 18 comments

[sarcasm]yeah... kill all those people who have ideas and lack the knowledge of if it is possible.. oh and not to forget, all those people who can't write in Oxfort-English... kill em![/sarcasm]

Man, there's someone, who has an idea, that might be good (i don't know, i'm not a coder or kde-superhero). And all you do is flame him for putting it in the (perhaps) wrong place.

Thanks a lot - Mar 13 2003

Wallpaper Other by holme 23 comments

they're soooo well done! realy.. very well copied.. gr8!

(you started flamin. just handing it back to you..)

do something original! - Feb 12 2003

Wallpaper Other by holme 23 comments

I dont think kde-look is as 100%pure kde-related as some people here might want it to be. There's tons of wallpapers, that don't have the big K on them here. And most of them are realy good. Some aren't, i think, but that's just my opinion.
Besides, I wonder why it's always people that have contributed NOTHING to KDE-look who have to flame those, who contribute. If you don't like it, don't take it, but don't flame those, who work for kde-look.
And just to give the flame back: Whitewolf, what does
have to do with KDE??

Think about it! It doesn't matter if it has a K on it or not, as long as it looks good. And that lies just in everybodys own opinion. - Feb 12 2003
Design Your Future 2!

Wallpaper Other by palis 4 comments


nice! very nice, but could you perhaps remove that black ring? it would look much smoother without it.

- Feb 10 2003
KDE for turtles too!

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by opales 4 comments

dont be so sarcastic. Although I like turtles best with soup (joke) i'd say it doesnt look that bad. At least the photograph is quite good. - Jan 23 2003
realy cool... but could you make the icons colors a bit brighter? I think that would look much better...

greetz Tom - Jan 19 2003
fade all but top window: possible?

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by probono 13 comments


I mean, I often want to be able to read text from a window in the background to transfer it somewhere else. You know, sometimes "copy'n paste" just doesnt work. So this would be bad, cause "readability" would suffer.

just a thought... guess I would still like it...

Tom - Jan 13 2003
.. a wallpaper-database on the web? Okay, that's nothing special, but how about the possibility to lets say browse all wallpapers in this dialogue?

just an idea... but it would be cool.. :-) - Nov 19 2002
High in the sky

Wallpaper Other by cosmo56 3 comments

is there something wrong with my eyes?? guess I need glasses... - Aug 19 2002

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by tagwar 4 comments

Jep, I know.. we all like previews.. I do too, so I'm gonna up you one.. happy?

No need to be that rough I think.. - Feb 19 2002