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Eugen Albiker

Utilities by csgib 344 comments

When I add a picture to a button the button is not sized to the width+height of the imported picture.
it is also not possible to resize the button by mouse to the height i want - i want the width 297px - but only 296 and 300 is possible.
it would be helpful to have:
a) function like "set the size of the button to the size of the imported button-picture"
b) to set the size of a button my edit the width and height with the keyboard

BTW: Great program!!!!

Eugen - Sep 15 2010

Utilities by csgib 344 comments

today the rubber is working. (last time not)

a suggestions:
is it possible to make a new button in editing the overlay like "clear all".
then I don't have to rubber out the whole overlay by hand.

- Nov 18 2009

Utilities by csgib 344 comments


great programm! i used it the first time and it's very easy to use! work on please.

i stumbled over 2 little problem while i was using 2DVDMan V1.1.1

- if I add a button and select "overlay editieren" i can't edit the overlay. i can't paint on the popup window. t's like i paint black on a black paper.
then i searched the directories and edited with gimp the PNG-File which is the overlay for that button. this worked! NOW, when i am back in 2dvdman i can also modify the overlay in 2dvdman, which a had before editied with gimp... strange!?!?
- if i select a mask for a button which is in the left list of the main window, always the wrong mask is selected. e.g. I select "baloon_0..." wby mouseclick, then "bateau_" is insert - always the next in the row!?!?

please fix these bugs.

greetings - Nov 10 2009