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Cristóbal Tapia , Chile
Very nice! Just added to my desktop! ;)
I have a few questions:
I am using google calendar and:
1) The events are showing the next day they should when they have a specific hour set, but this does not happen with the whole day events. ¿What can this be?
2) Is it possible to add more than one google calendar to the same screenlet?... I would appreciate that.

Keep the good work! - May 06 2010

Conky by akademy 2 comments

This is a very nice idea. Could you make it work with tasque maybe?
Thanks for this screenlet.
Keep the good work. - Apr 02 2009

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I love this!! - Dec 03 2008
Hi. I am interested in your fix. Can you send it to me? That would be great! I will send you a PM with my email. - May 25 2008
Rss mini

Conky by Whise 4 comments

This works great! I just have one suggestion: would it be possible to add the time of every update in the rss... I mean, for example, I am subscribed to a rss of my class in the university. In this class there is a forum, so there are lots of post and every one of them appears in the rss. That is good, but sometimes there are post on the same discussion, so in the rss appears the same: "Forum - Theme", so I am not able to determine if this is a new post or the last one I have already read.
So, it would be great to add this option.
I would do it myself, but I can't program in python...xD
Thanks! - May 23 2008