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Arkadiusz Guzinski , Germany
Win7 Volume Mixer

Plasma 5 Multimedia by Zren 49 comments

i mean keyboard *row* - not rom - Sep 30 2016
Win7 Volume Mixer

Plasma 5 Multimedia by Zren 49 comments

* Glad to hear that about the Pin Button
* Yay! Drag and drop is a good thing here, unfortunately it's not immediately clear to a user.
Possible solutions:
1. A first use dialog explaining it.
2. In context-menu: "Tips & Tricks" item, explaining this (and possibly other nice stuff)
3. In context-menu: "Move to" submenu, with 2 inactive Items "You can also drag & drop" "the application icon on an In-/Output"
* ok
* Plasma allows each widget to be focused by a shortcut - no worry here... but then:
1. Cursor Keys to switch channel and raise, lower volume. Active channel needs to be highlighted somehow (maybe a line below). Highlighting could fade when no keys are pressed for a while. Menu key/Space/something for advanced options.
2. Direct control through keys like shown here:
A "what do i press" window like that could pop up on pressing Shift. The idea is first keyboard rom Channel switch, second Volume up and so on. Mapping should probably start from the right to make non-apps always have the same keys. Of course this has to be configurable in order to be usable for people with non-programmer-dvorak layouts, but i'm sure i can write some code to create a sane default mapping depending on the users current layout (have done something similar in qt/c++ by parsing output from xmodmap -pk).
On that pic you can also see why i want to hide some channels. 2 Mics and 1 Speaker are never used. Also something has to be done about identically named channels, but upstream may be the better place for that.
* and * What bothers me is too much bright blue in the dark. I'd say shrink both, but that may leave too little space for the text. Something like this may be a good alternative: Note that the slider is 50% transparent. Goals: less brightness & smaller widget. Again this has to be configurable, as some people will certainly like the current style better.
* Seems like upstream needs to add a stepsize property ^^. 15 is probably a good default. 16-20 may work well, too.
There seems to be a bug though, as it's only 8 steps from 0 to 100 for me. - Sep 30 2016
Win7 Volume Mixer

Plasma 5 Multimedia by Zren 49 comments

I like this much better than the default plasma mixer :D

A few feature requests though: (i'm using v2 / KDE 5.5, so some things may already be done)
* Button to make the window sticky (open from control panel, click on button, focus another window, mixer widget stays open)
* Make it possible to hide certain volume bars.
* Switch output device for an application
* Button: "Show non-active applications"
* Full keyboard control
* Make it possible to configure the following things:
* Bar colors
* Bar width
* Volume Up/Down steps for the mouse wheel (its way too big now) and keyboard (which needs to be implemented first)

okay it's quite a lot, but that would make it perfect for me ;)

I'd help you coding, but that probably won't make much sense as long i'm stuck with plasma < 5.7, which won't change until i can afford a new GFX card, which in turn may still take a few months :/ - Sep 27 2016