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Trent Burch-Bowser Dallas, United States of America
Equinox-Purple Rain

GTK2 Themes by tbbowser 4 comments

That is actually the system tray icon and service for HPLIP (Hewlett Packard Linux Imaging Printer (?)), HP's program for managing its line of printers for Linux. While some distros already have it installed and add the printer in CUPS, I tend to remove it from the list of installed printers, install hplip-gui, run that in Terminal, and go through installation and setup that way. This allows that program to manage the printer than CUPS, and gives you better tools to manage it. - Sep 09 2010
Metal Metacity added. Enjoy! - Aug 24 2010
Thanks. I'm beginning to think, though, that the problem I'm having with OpenOffice with curved buttons is in fact an issue with the Equinox engine itself. I have tried a lot to fix this to no avail. I still have to make a Metacity for the Metal themes, but that should be done in the next week or so. - Aug 22 2010
Still don't know what the problem is with OpenOffice, but I fixed the rest of the theme. You can use any other brushed Metacity theme with this if you want until I develop an appropriate one for the Metal versions. - Aug 18 2010
Hmm. I'm still trying to get used to adding what are called "pixmaps," which in essence are pictures you add in place of certain things such as buttons and the like. Unfortunately, when a theme is curved and has emptiness within its "space," the image does not go over that. This is why I squared off the progress bar because I first noticed that problem. I believe the buttons and entry boxes may also end up being done the same way with so that gap is not noticeable, or until I can find a way for the image to fill it.

As for the tool bar, I may have over-blended what I was trying to do. I will give it another try and not go as far as I did. Also, the thing with the menu bar had the metal removed to blend too, but I'll see about adding that to still blend. I don't know what can be done concerning the Applet Notification area on the panel, but I'll research it and see what can be done to fix it too. This may take some time though, since I'm going to be busy the next few days. - Aug 16 2010
Done and uploaded, though now it's too big to upload to this site. It's now on my DeviantArt page as a ZIP. Aside from that, everything should work. The toolbar should now blend in with the metacity. I also use Elementary with GlobalMenu, so it was easy to test the results. I use Firefox for non-Elementary based themes. - Aug 16 2010
Thank you. I've updated it once more with different colors on the buttons, curved them, and added graphite versions. Enjoy! - Aug 16 2010
Ask and you may receive. Button colors have been changed and as an added bonus, they are now curved and graphite versions are also available. Enjoy! - Aug 16 2010
Brushed metal version added. It's experimental though. - Aug 16 2010
I'll see what I can do about that. It may be in the next few days. - Aug 16 2010

DockbarX Themes by M7S 997 comments

I too get the following error after I upgraded DockbarX to the latest version found in the PPA:

"Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/bin/", line 26, in <module>
import dockbarx.dockbar
ImportError: No module named dockbarx.dockbar"

I've removed the launcher keys found in gconf, installed and both upgraded and downgraded zeitgeist, I've cleared my .dockbarx folder completely, and I still get the error. What would you suggest? - Jul 21 2010

GTK2 Themes by jameshardy88 228 comments

The reason the usplash theme cannot be installed in Ubuntu 10.04 is because usplash is no longer being used. It has been completely replaced by Plymouth as of that version. - Jul 14 2010
Linux. Freedom. Choices. Beautiful.

Wallpapers Linux/Tux by tbbowser 2 comments

That's true, and there are times I arrange things on my desktop to match that look. (I use Gnome. I'm still not familiar enough with KDE to get it to look like I want it.) However, I do so for either the sake of screen space like on my netbook, or if I know others will be using my machine for a short period of time who use those systems, or if I'm trying to ease the idea of transistioning for some people who are going from Windows or Mac to Linux. As for the graphic look of those systems, well, it's all a matter of taste if one either wants to stay with what they are used to visually or if they want to make theirs unique. The freedom I refer to is the freedom from proprietary software companies and making the machine the way you want it to both visually and functionally. That's why we all use Linux in the first place, right? - Jul 02 2010
Thanks for the compliment. As for the font, I'm using Droid Sans which I ripped from the Moblin LiveUSB I was testing one time. You can find it online for free here: - May 06 2010
Equinox Ambiance

GTK2 Themes by yowky 9 comments

Actually, I've managed to make the changes (it's my first mod of ANY theme) and if it's alright with you, I'll post it with credit to you and link to you if that's okay? - May 05 2010
Equinox Ambiance

GTK2 Themes by yowky 9 comments

I like this modification of the Ambiance theme. The gradients give the theme more depth than the original theme's flat look.

My only question is whether you will come out with a Radiance version of this. The one found on this site is using the Equinox metacity (which is easy to change), but the problem is the panels and the menus which still use the Ambiance look than the Radiance look. Think you can make it or recommend a means for changing it myself? - May 05 2010
Ubuntu Aqua Blue

Wallpapers Ubuntu by tbbowser 2 comments

What I might do is do different sizes by request. This one and the other two I did were formated to fit my screen size on my laptop (1280x800). I'd have to do either a new version by scratch depending on the size or see how much of the original file was preserved to allow for larger sizes. We'll see. - Feb 18 2009
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