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Eric MSP Veith

Icon Sub-Sets by saki 96 comments

This set is just great! I used Snow-RAD until now, your set looks just perfect.

Please try to make it fairly complete, it looks professional and clean, but not cold.

Thank you very much! - Oct 31 2005
Marxal Splash Screen

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by amiroff 3 comments

Looks nice and clean, I like, and I'd nearly made it to be my new splash screen. Why not? Because I don't like this advertising-like stuff "Fast. Stable. Flexible." If you put this away and design it with a kind of KDE engravement, it would be a nice, professional ksplash theme :-) - Feb 19 2005

KDE 3.5 Themes by motyR 198 comments

I'm using your theme for some weeks now, it's lovely :-)
But here are some suggestions for your next updates:
1. My tooltips are entirely black-in-black. I dont need them most of the time, but it looks ugly ;-)
2. I think the buttons' borders are too think. E.g., when using your theme with any IRC-Client (which displays open channels, queries, ... as buttons), it doesnt look too nice. Perhaps make them flatter, just try it.

Thanks alot for the great work! :-) - Jan 15 2005
6,760 Fonts

Fonts by SeanParsons 62 comments


the "download" link does not work, error message as follows: "This domain is missing from the Web server configuration"

Please fix it, thanks :-) - Oct 15 2004