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Wallpapers Ubuntu by skykhan 2 comments

:) - Aug 10 2006
Carlitos RukIte

GDM Themes by Natrina 4 comments

I like the anime/girl graphic.

btw, your homepage link is missing the "t" in "blogspot". - Jul 20 2006
ubuntu Distinguished

GDM Themes by paullinux 2 comments

way too much going on there.
background conflicts w/ login area. - Jul 15 2006
Ubot Navy v 2.0 1024x768

Wallpaper Other by jxt 2 comments

I really like this. Yes, the text is much better in this version. The only thing I wish you could fix would be to make the ubuntu logo on the belly less blurry, though the same size. - Jul 15 2006
Peaceful place for splashy

Splashy Themes by ToX82 1 comment

I love the clouds! :) - Mar 27 2006
Arch Noodle Wall

Wallpapers Arch by daddywarbucks 3 comments

ah, my mistake, should have read your initial description. :) - Mar 01 2006

People by dfcwolf 68 comments

no doubt that's sexy but I will never understand why people grab naked pics or those of women stamp a logo or two and call it a wallpaper for - Feb 28 2006
Arch Noodle Wall

Wallpapers Arch by daddywarbucks 3 comments

I love the text, nice font - what did you use?
Not a fan of the noodles on top (maybe make it thinner) but the cup w/ logo is really good otherwise. - Feb 28 2006

Wallpaper Other by jfestrada 9 comments

Technically you still cant.
Besides this is part of the category of items on this site which makes no sense as part of GNOME. Anyone can take some random pic and slap on an Ubuntu/RedHat/Slackware/GNOME/...
logo. - Feb 18 2006

GTK2 Themes by twigsby 74 comments

now that is one sexy screenshot!
great work.
where can I get that cloudy background from? - Feb 17 2006
Fellowship of FSFE -- Metal Plussy

Wallpaper Other by fsfe 1 comment

first read it as "Metal Pussy", heh... - Jan 11 2006
Mockup 1.1

GTK2 Themes by roberTO21 40 comments

hey, did you make that cool Azerbaijan flag icon or did you get it from somewhere? - Jan 11 2006
Mockup 1.1

GTK2 Themes by roberTO21 40 comments

it's not bad, but what's with the MSish colors and Appleish metacity theme? - Jan 09 2006
A Gnome Christmas

Wallpapers Gnome by endersshadow 1 comment

would look cooler w/ some dropshadows, pretty flat atm. - Dec 19 2005

Wallpaper Other by hylkebons 4 comments

did you do this after checking out tigert's '99 bazaar tutorial? Cause it reminded me of it.

Ref: - Dec 15 2005
simpelegance, gdm mockup

Various Gnome Stuff by ravnen 9 comments

that's so sexy i want to ... (oops)

awesome work. - Dec 08 2005

Wallpaper Other by AxXium 7 comments

yup, text is awful, logo is cool. - Dec 08 2005

Wallpapers Gnome by AxXium 2 comments

where did you get the original chameleon pic? - Dec 01 2005
Linux Thugette - 1

Wallpaper Other by linuxgangster 6 comments

yes, the face dude, really creepy, - Nov 18 2005

Gnome 2 Splash Screens by jarulez 1 comment

perfect! - Sep 10 2005

GDM Themes by thomasdideriksen 10 comments

great work, but it would make more sense w/ a shiny silverly tux, that would be cool. - Sep 02 2005
Simple and Soft

Cursors by matis 14 comments

good stuff,
but i think you could slightly reduce the blur effect around the cursors, gives them a little bit of a halo effect.
looking forward to the complete set. - Aug 30 2005

Cliparts by sacredsouls 2 comments

you've got real talent, cool - Aug 30 2005

Cursors by nikaa 31 comments

great work! , using it as my new default. - Aug 29 2005
Sun over tree

Nature by jeromewentzel 1 comment

reminds me of Braveheart, "We'll make spears, hundreds of them.." - Aug 16 2005

Metacity Themes by marandhu 30 comments

really good stuff, the app is amazing.
great work. - Aug 13 2005
Hunter's view

Wallpaper Other by ak65535 3 comments

beautiful, using this as my desktop atm.

but one thing i don't understand is why people are submitting wallpapers on this site that don't explictly have anything to do w/ GNOME. - Aug 11 2005
aurora-(panel+library)-my compilation

Various Gnome Stuff by adrian5632 8 comments

i don't care if people use this but yeah, it does destroy the whole point. It's rather ugly to me and the whole reason I use Linux/GNOME IS to get away from windows. Why would you want to copy windows beats me, oh well. - Jul 31 2005
Still Life

Icon Sub-Sets by theturner 23 comments

i still prefer gperfection but this icon set has potential. the folder icon is simply amazing. keep it up. - Jul 28 2005

Wallpaper Other by fabergnome 3 comments

nice, but yeah, the lines make it look worse, and 'Gnome' should be 'GNOME'.

Beautiful place though. - Jul 28 2005
ubuntix smooth

Wallpaper Other by fabinho 1 comment

wrong category ,
otherwise not bad but the text is a bit blurry. you should produce a .png version, since .jpg compression ultimately leads to bad looking wallpapers especially if there is text in them. - Jul 25 2005
Ghost red

XMMS Skins by nicolas 6 comments

yeah, that's completly unusable - Jul 23 2005

Wallpaper Other by gladiator 4 comments

i think you need a disclaimer saying that you won't get a hot model/actress when you switch to linux. - Jul 23 2005
Rubik and friends

Wallpaper Other by peterpan 3 comments

interesting, what gave you the idea for this or was it just something random ? and what made you decide to place the posters upside down? - Jul 22 2005

Metacity Themes by plb 3 comments

nice , but if you're going to package it, don't include the '.themes' folder. for a minute there i thought file-roller wasn't working or something. - Jul 18 2005
GNU Lorg

Wallpaper Other by jesusfranco 1 comment

nice, but i think it would look better w/o the text - Jul 17 2005
Graig's Download Folder Icon

Icon Sub-Sets by graig 2 comments

good work - Jul 07 2005
Elisha Cuthbert

Gnome 2 Splash Screens by Arless 3 comments

wow, that's a nice pic.
i don't like the text, but you can't really remove it w/o breaking copyright. - Jul 02 2005
GNOME flowers

Nature by nicolasrougier 6 comments

awesome, my new wallpaper for the week. :) - Jun 30 2005
Fedora Blue Hat

Wallpaper Other by peekpt 5 comments

i second that. - Jun 29 2005
Gnome - Aqua Graffiti style

Wallpapers Gnome by c0al67 2 comments

nice , but the text is not completly in the center. - Jun 16 2005
Big Calme

Wallpaper Other by Owaz 1 comment

good work,
how about some higher resolution ones? - Jun 13 2005
gnome desk env

Wallpapers Gnome by knoodrake 2 comments

nice work - Jun 09 2005
wet boatwindow

Wallpaper Other by leinad 3 comments

i like it ! , nice job - Jun 09 2005
Ubuntu... The Difference

Wallpapers Ubuntu by jpw 8 comments

thanks mate. - Jun 02 2005
Linux Community

Wallpaper Other by Zhukov 3 comments

ah, Smoke City, nice stuff. - Jun 01 2005
Ubuntu... The Difference

Wallpapers Ubuntu by jpw 8 comments

is there a link to the original, minus the ubuntu logo? - Jun 01 2005
Debian Greeter

GDM Themes by webanetwork 8 comments

I don't use Deb. but this theme makes me want to use it! This is really beautiful, Perfect. Awesome work mate. - May 09 2005

GTK2 Themes by w-Tarchalski 73 comments

this theme is amazing, my only critique is that the scrollbar doesn't go well w/ the theme, but that's my opinion. great work. - May 06 2005
Strange Night

Wallpaper Other by musicmaker 1 comment

i like it, btw, what did you need maya for in the wallpaper? - May 05 2005