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John Hendricks West Union, United States of America

Full Icon Themes by sora 176 comments

Wow this is an amazing icon set, but my theme already has a lotta blue in it but I don't want to over look this awesome icon set, will there be any different versions with different folder colors (Like green? ;D ) Or perhaps even trying to use every color a little bit everywhere? I dunno lol

-Thanks! :) - May 27 2010

Cursors by KuduK 50 comments

Once again, wow! Thanks man! This is DEFINITELY the greatest thing on GNOME-Look =) - Apr 26 2010

Cursors by KuduK 50 comments

Jeeper G willikers! This is pretty fookin' awesome man! Great work!

Do you think you could make new colored versions too? (A red one would be nice :D ) lol - Apr 25 2010

Full Icon Themes by jennie 53 comments

Wait, so you're saying that you're going to call this upload useless because you have a coming soon project? Umm, doesn't that mean yours is useless? Being that this one has already been released

It looks great jennie thanks for the upload :) - Dec 20 2009