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Tels Tels

System Software by MxCl 125 comments

The command line give does not work:

su -c "make install"
configure: error: invalid feature name: debug=full

As soon as I installed Suse 9.1 I wanted to have filelight integrated into the konqueror - and now it is! cool! thanx!

If you need a german translation, drop me a note. - Jun 18 2004
Rotate Image Service menu

Dolphin Service Menus by wjarosz 5 comments

This is very cool! It works under SuSE 8.2 (also using ~./kde/share/apps/konqueror/servicemenus/rotateImage.desktop) like a charm.

I didn't have a problem with the thumbnail refreshing, I am using Konqueror 3.1.3 from KDE 3.1.3.

Thanx again,

Tels - Sep 08 2003

Nature by tels 9 comments

More flower photos? You bet! :)

See for more photos from me. For just all the flowers, try

Hope you like them. :o) - Sep 08 2003

Nature by tels 9 comments

Yeah, but probably 1000 people do this everyday to get their "coolest/hottest/best/l33t35t wallpaper ever" included - and promptly get ignored :) - Aug 31 2003
Just getting started

KDE Plasma Screenshots by jhachey 5 comments

What is the application displaying the whether data called? - Aug 31 2003

Nature by tels 1 comment

I just noticed that the category is 1280x1024, but my picture is 1280x960. Uhm. My XFConfig at this machine doesn't contain entries higher than 1152, so I don't know for the moment whether the display resolution is 1280x960 or 1280x1024.

Should I make a 1280x1024 version, too? - Aug 31 2003

Nature by tels 5 comments

Hi There!

You wrote:

"it would be nice if you either released them at different times so as not to flood the site,"

Uhm, why would this help? I mean, why should people that want the 1024 version wait for it while the 1600 is released? I guess people would then download the 1600 and not use the 1024 version (which was my intention, because downscaling does not work so good if X does it :) Or If I release 1024 first, people would immidiately ask for the 1600 version.

"or tar them up and put them in one section."

I didn't know this was possible. In any event, putting them into one tar has certain disadvantages:

* I cannot put it in the proper category (it is neither 1024 nor 1600 etc). This means people browsing only "their" category will miss it. If I have a slow modem, 1024 at the desktop, then I wont browse the 1600 category at all. Vice versa, people only wanting high-quality pictures probably don't browse the 1024. So some people would miss it (you can see that there are different comments at the 1600 and 1024 section to prove my point :-)
* the download would get rather big, hurting the people with slower connections

I would say the only two working options are:

* releasing a 1600 version only
* or putting it into all categories

Is there an "official" policy on this?

I choose and would choose again the second option because I care for the quality of my work :-)

I am sorry that this seems to "flood" the "latest" list. Maybe the code of this site can be changed to let te author flag releases as "don't put up on 'latest' list", so that only the 1600 version would appear.

Anyway, thanx for your comment!

Tels - Aug 31 2003

Nature by tels 5 comments

It is called Nucleo_Nlog_v102 and I think I got it from here :) - Aug 31 2003

Nature by tels 9 comments

Thanx for the positive comments! Yes, after uploading I browsed this site for real for the first time - and noted the very KDE centric look of most of the stuff. Don't get me wrong, Tux is cute, especially the crystal one :o) But all the big-glory-K stuff gets a bit boring after a while - especially the more childish bashing :) But to every one what they want...

If you like my photos check out my site, I think some of them would make good backgrounds, too.

How would I go and try to get the background included into a distri? Whom should I contact?

Than again, and take care,

Tels - Aug 31 2003
Inna Swirl

People by ntesa 2 comments

Wow, very cool image! I like the bright colors. Thank you! - Aug 30 2003