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Adi S , Poland

Wallpaper Other by Tengel 4 comments

Simple...don't like it-don't download it.
By the way, I saw MUCH worst pictures here and I'm not commenting them. Besides its 1600x1200... - Oct 31 2006
Gregorian to Mayan Calendar Convertor

Various KDE Stuff by S4mdfOo1 17 comments

This is just great Keep working on it! Wonderfull application to help us to prepare for the BIG CHANGES :) Live a good life full of love and light brothers and sisters :) - Oct 24 2006
Trollenäs Castle In Old Way

Wallpaper Other by Tengel 2 comments

Thanks that you like it! For me it still works good. But if you talking about "download.php" when you trying to download it, then just change the "php" to "jpg", that's all.

Greetz! - Mar 28 2006

Wallpaper Other by myszak 4 comments

Nice man! Dzieki za fotke, jak zes tego dokonal?/How did you made it?/ - Mar 15 2006

Wallpaper Other by Zawinul 1 comment

Very Nice- Bra! - Feb 25 2005

Wallpaper Other by pawelpilat 4 comments

Yo yo man, that's not some XP shit, these are views of small polish village, i was there and it doesn't look like Gates's Ranch ;).....oh, and i'm noob in Linux but your'e right, Tux Rulez :op - Apr 24 2004